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Chris Jacobs Biography

Chris Jacobs is an American media personality born on 30th January 1970 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He is the Host of “Long Lost Family” on TLC along with Lisa Joyner. He also hosts Overhaulin and Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions on Velocity.

Chris Jacobs Age

He was born on 30 January 1970 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He is 48 years old as of 2018.

Chris Jacobs Height – How Tall Is Chris Jacobs

Chris stands at a height of 6 Feet 2 Inches (1.88 m).

Chris Jacobs Married – Chris Jacobs Wife

Chris is not married but is engaged to Ivy Teves. In 2016 during the MLB season Chris was chosen to throw the first pitch in a Chicago Cubs game, as he is a famous Chicagoan. Chris did not only throw the pitch but also asked his girlfriend Ivy to marry him in front of more than 40,000 fans watching at the stadium with millions watching from home.

During an interview with Chicago Tribune Ivy said;’ I was in shock. I couldn’t even comprehend what was happening at that point. I just cried and said yes.’

Chris Jacobs Education

He studied at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois and then went to Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. In 1988, Chris moved to California where he attended Whitter College, earning a bachelor’s degree in English. He also attended and graduated from Western State University College of Law and he was later admitted to the state bar of California in 1995.

Chris Jacobs Career

He worked for several years as an on-air talent for the NFL Network, guest hosting several episodes of “NFL AM” as well as “Up to the Minute” updates. Previously, Chris hosted The Insider with Lara Spencer from 2009-11 and worked as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

In 2011, he was named a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. In early 2013, he left ET after Overhaulin’ returned for a sixth season on Velocity in the fall of 2012.

Chris Jacobs Photo

Chris has played roles in television film like The X-Files (1993), and Two and a Half Men (2003). He has also been in theatre and commercial projects for eight years before being tapped to co-host Overhaulin’ in 2004. The final season of Overhaulin’ finished airing in November 2015.

He has hosted several live events for Discovery networks, including Skywire Live, Skyscraper Live, Chopper Live, Gold Rush Live, and Klondike Live.

Chris Jacobs Long Lost Family

In 2015 he began co-hosting Long Lost Family alongside Lisa Joyner on TLC. The show features the personal experiences of people searching for long lost family members or members that have been separated in some cases for a life time.

Chris and Lisa are both adopted and they also shared their personal experience of tracing their own biological family members.

One story that has stood out for the show is when Chris reconnect a Gay man with his daughter. Daniel had a one night stand with a woman before coming out as gay and abandoning her. 30 years later Daniel came to know that he had impregnated the woman and with the help of Chris he met his daughter.

Chris Jacobs Adoption

Chris Jacobs was adopted at 22 months reuniting with his mother in 1993. He reunited with his birth mother in 1993, he has developed a close relationship with her since then.

Chris Jacobs Movies And Tv Shows

  • Overhaulin’ 2004 – 2015
  • Long Lost Family
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • The Insider
  • Nick of Time
  • This Is Life Live
  • Wild Roomies
  • Rowing Through
  • The Party Crashers
  • Angels, Baby!
  • Long Lost Family: What Happened Next
  • Long Lost Family: Together Again

Chris Jacobs Net Worth

Chris Jacobs has an estimated net worth of about $1 million.

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Chris Jacobs Interview

Interviewer: Tell us about Barrett-Jackson Live and what fans can expect 

Chris Jacobs: I mean Barrett-Jackson just keeps getting bigger and better every year — the show itself, of course, and then enhanced by our coverage both on Velocity and Discovery. I’m just looking for another great year of Barrett-Jackson kicking off. … We like to call it the Super Bowl of the Barrett-Jackson season, which is in our hometown of Scottsdale.

Interviewer: what it’s like to film so many hours live?

Chris Jacobs: Definitely long hours, but they seem to go by really fast because we’re constantly on the move. I mean in addition to all of the ins and outs from the commercials that I’m responsible for, I’m running all over the grounds giving viewers a sneak peek at some cars that are coming up during the week in Scottsdale. So I’m doing a lot of walking. I get a lot of exercise during Barrett-Jackson. It’s something that I love to do because I know that whenever I get to my intended destination, there’s going to be a really cool car there, and I get to talk about it. For a car guy like me, to get to be there in person, it’s really just a kid-in-a-candy-shop situation. I mean every single car is obviously in tip-top shape and looking as good as it possibly can because the seller wants to get as much [money] as he can, so everything is perfection wherever you look.

Interviewer: Tell about car discoveries at Barrett-Jackson

Chris Jacobs: You know, I mean the cars really at this level are like art, so it’s like going to a museum. You might not know exactly what you’re looking at, but you know that you like it. It pleases all of your senses, and to be able to see these cars in person where you can walk around them, open them up, sit in them, kick the tires, so to speak, is really a thrill for me because you know I mean this is what I do. And I really enjoy doing it, so that’s kind of the goal that I think everybody has. If you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.

Interviewer: On Barrett-Jackson’s legacy 

Chris Jacobs: Barrett-Jackson is considered the finest and most respected auto auction in the industry, certainly the largest. Yeah, if you’re a luminary in the car world, you definitely want to be there, and for the viewer or the car fan, that’s where we come in. We kind of bring them into the experience and make them feel as though they’re there with us at the various locations. It’s certainly I’m sure on a lot of people’s bucket lists as a car lover to be able to go to a Barrett-Jackson auto auction, particularly Scottsdale because it is the biggest of the four that we do. But if you can’t, if you’re unable to for whatever reason, financially or logistically, we try to fill that gap for you and make you feel as though you were walking around the grounds with us.

Interviewer: What is your history with cars?

Chris Jacobs: I mean my dad always had Porsche 911s, and he’d get a new one every couple of years. That was kind of the first car that really spoke to me, that I really looked at as more than just something with four tires and a steering wheel. I remember feeling like I was an adult because it’s such a low-slung car that my feet actually touched the floorboards when I was sitting in the seat — first in the backseat and then in the front seat. I could literally grow into that car, and about 10 years ago, I bought an ’85 911 sort of as a tribute to my dad because that car has always been so special to me. So I bought it kind of in his honor and have never regretted it. That’s one car that I’ll never get rid of.

Interviewer: On “living the dream”

Chris Jacobs: It’s really true when people ask me … My standard response is, ‘I’m living the dream,’ because I really am. I’ve got various jobs that I all really enjoy doing. I work for Velocity in the car space. I work for NFL Network in the sports space. I’ve got a new show coming up on TLC that’s kind of the family space, so every project that I’ve worked on doesn’t feel like work. It really feels like a passion project. It’s something I really, really enjoy doing, something that I’d be doing anyway if it wasn’t a job for me. When I say that I’m living the dream, it’s not just a cliché. It’s really the truth.

Interviewer: On the people at Barrett-Jackson 

Chris Jacobs: It is seeing the fantastic prices that these cars bring, but it’s more about the people who are behind the buyers and the sellers. It’s the actual people who are acquiring a … car on the buying side, and for the seller, it’s someone who is providing someone’s dream car. I mean these are luxury items. People aren’t going there to buy the car that they’re going to drive every day. They’re buying the car that maybe they loved as a high school student, or when they were in college or reminds them like me of a car that one of their parents had. So that’s really the most interesting part to me is seeing the successful buyers, the winning bidder get to acquire what they feel is their dream car. If you ask 10 people what their dream car is, more than likely you get 10 different answers, so they’re getting their dream car, what floats their boat, so to speak, what really satisfies their automotive sense.

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