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Cathy Mitchell Biography

Cathy Mitchell is an American author and TV informercial host for very many “As seen on Tv” products. She was born in 1947.

She is the author of Dump Cakes, Dump Dinners and Crock Pot Dump Meals and all these books were advertised on Steve Harvey Show on HSN. Her latest books include; Ramen Joy and Ramen Nibbles which are made using Instant Ramen Noodles. She appeared in an infomercial parody on AdultSwim. She was featured on Rachael Ray Show in 2014. She also participated in a Coffee Off which she lost by 8 cups.

Cathy Mitchell Age

She was born in 1947 and she is 72 years old as of 2019.

Cathy Mitchell Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is well over $ 5,468,174.

Cathy Cookbooks

  1. Quick & Easy Dump Dinners and More
  2. Dumps for Diabetics
  3. Quick and Easy Dump Cakes and More
  4. Cathy Mitchell Presents Quick and EasyDump Cakes! (noasseenontvlogo): Just Dump and Bake!
  5. Dump Cakes
  6. Dump Dinners
  7. Dump Soups
  8. Dump for Diabetics
  9. Dump Diet
  10. Crock Pot Dump Meals
  11. Ramen Joy
  12. Ramen Nibbles
  13. Pumpkin Paradise
  14. Everyday Stonewave Meals
  15. Red Copper Skillet Cooking
  16. Eat This Book
Cathy Mitchell

Cathy Dump Meals

Stop mixing and measuring! You’ll make delicious dinners in minutes when Mitchell shows you the “dump and bake” methods. These super-simple one-bowl pizzas, pot pies, and throw-together are perfect for last-minute guests or weeknight dinners.

Title Quick & Easy Dump Dinners and More
Cathy Mitchell presents Cathy Mitchell (Home cook)
Author McCarthy Mitchell (Home cook)
Edition illustrated
Publisher Telebrands Press, 2014
ISBN 0989586561, 9780989586566
Length of 256 pages

Mitchell Products

  • Snakmaster
  • Microcrisp
  • Turbo Cooker
  • Turbo Cooker Plus
  • Fry Pro 2
  • GeMagic
  • Le Presse
  • Chef-O-Matic Pro
  • Sideshow Skillet
  • Flat Fold Colander
  • FlipWhich skillet
  • Press Quick
  • 10 Second Smoothie Maker
  • Pasta Boat
  • Pasta N More
  • GT Express 101
  • Xpress Redi-Set-Go
  • Xpress Platinum
  • Flavorstone
  • Minden Anytime Grill
  • HogWash Scrubber
  • Stonewave
  • Grip n Flip
  • Quick Taco
  • Chef HQ 2 in 1 Mixer
  • Red Titan Pan
  • Red Copper Pan
  • Red Copper Square Dance Pan
  • Red Copper Square Pan
  • Red Copper Big Time Pan
  • Red Copper Brownie Bonanza
  • Red Copper 5 Minute Chef
  • Red Copper Better Pasta Pot
  • Red Copper I Love Bacon Pan
  • Red Copper Egg Chef

Cathy Mitchell Cathy Mitchell Presents Quick and EasyDump Cakes! (noasseenontvlogo): Just Dump and Bake!

Stop mixing and measuring! Mitchell shows you how to make homemade cakes with the “dump and bake” methods. These super-simple one-bowl cakes, brownies, and bars are perfect for last-minute guests, afternoon snacks, or weeknight dinners.

Title Cathy Mitchell Presents Quick and EasyDump Cakes! (noasseenontvlogo): Just Dump and Bake!
Author Cathy Mitchell (Home cook)
Publisher Telebrands Press, 2013
ISBN 0989586537, 9780989586535
Length of 287 pages

Cathy Dump Soups: Make Hot and Hearty Soups in Minutes!

“You don’t need hours of stovetop simmering to create satisfying soaps there’s a much quicker and easier way to cook. From classic vegetable soups and thick seafood chowders to spicy noodle soups and hearty bean soups, you’ll discover dozens of sensational soups that can be made in the minutes-just dump and go!”– Back cover.

Title Dump Soups: Make Hot and Hearty Soups in Minutes!
Favorite Brand Name Recipes
Editor Publications International, Ltd
Edition illustrated
Publisher Publications International Limited, 2014
ISBN 1450893449, 9781450893442
Length of 127 pages

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