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Brit Hume Biography

Brit Hume an American television journalist and political commentator. He had a 23-year career with ABC News, where he contributed to World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Nightline, and This Week. Hume served as ABC’s chief White House correspondent from 1989 to 1996.

He then spent 12 years as the Washington, D.C., managing editor of the Fox News Channel and the anchor of Special Report with Brit Hume. After he retired as the anchor of Special Report in 2008, he became a senior political analyst for Fox News and a regular panelist on Fox News Sunday. He was named the interim anchor of On the Record in September 2016, after the abrupt resignation of the show’s longtime host, Greta Van Susteren, and served in that capacity through the 2016 elections.

Brit Hume Age

Hume was born in Washington, D.C. on June 22, 1943.  He is 75 years old as in year 2018.

Brit Hume Family

Hume was born in Washington, D.C..   He is the son of George Graham Hume and Virginia Powell (née Minnigerode) Hume. On the side of his father, Brit is of part Scottish descent, descended from George Home (1698–1760), a son of the 10th Baron of Wedderburn exiled to Virginia in the aftermath of the First Jacobite Rebellion.

Brit Hume Wife|Brit Hume Divorce|Brit Hume Married

Hume divorced his first wife, Clare Jacobs Stoner for unknown reasons. Together they had a son, Sandy Hume, who was a reporter for the newspaper The Hill.   Their daughter Virginia Hume who was born in 1965 is contributor to The Weekly Standard.  Brit married his second wife Kim Schiller Hume who was Fox News vice president and Washington bureau chief before she retired in 2006.

Brit Hume Son| Brit Hume Son Death

In February 1998 Brit’s son Hume committed suicide in his apartment in Arlington, Virginia. During the months before his death, Hume who was an alcoholic, began drinking again. The night before Brit’s son suicide, he was jailed for drunk driving and tried to hang himself in the U.S. Park Police jail cell. Sandy was evaluated at a psychiatric facility and released. Brit’s son went home and took his life with a hunting rifle after leaving a lengthy note expressing shame at the previous night’s events.

Brit Hume House| Brit Hume Home

In 2014 a tipster informed Curbed that Brit  is looking to sell his massive private estate located, hilariously enough, in Hume, VA. The real selling point of this property is that it sits on nearly 72 acres of land, which is the sort of privacy that might certainly appeal to a nationally renowned talking head. In fact, a photo of a pond and mountain view on the land serves as the header photo for his Twitter account. The four bedroom house itself has some gorgeous luxe touches like exposed wooden beams, a gourmet kitchen and a chandelier over the bathtub. That said, don’t expect the $1.925 million house to have loads of ready-for-television decor. There’s a heavy reliance on gingham furniture and old-fashioned looking wallpaper.

Brit Hume Photo

Brit Hume Fox News

Hume left ABC for the fledgling Fox News Network in 1996 for which his wife had recently become chief of the Washington bureau.  During his last news conference as ABC’s chief White House correspondent, President Clinton told him, “I think all of us think you have done an extraordinary, professional job under Republican and Democratic administrations alike.” Hume became Fox News’s Washington managing editor.

After Brit began at Fox News, he  was in discussions about starting a Washington-based television news program for the 6 p.m. timeslot. The Lewinsky scandal began during January 1998, and his wife told him the story was so well known that he should start the show immediately. Special Report with Brit Hume debuted that evening in that timeslot.

During his start at Fox Hume said”we made some progress and developed some audience and the Lewinsky scandal brought a lot of interest and the 2000 election brought a lot of interest.  But what really did it was the Florida recount – that was tremendous for us because the people who were worried about how that would come out wanted some place where they could trust the coverage.  People who were conservatives or Republicans or neither but worried. And we really made an effort to cover that story well. And that built our audience.”

Brit’s  show was the number one cable news program in the 6:00 p.m. Eastern timeslot for several years.

It was announced in July 2008 that Brit would retire as anchor of Special Report at the end of the year, but he would remain on Fox News in a different role.  He hosted his final episode as anchor of Special Report on December 23, 2008 , announcing that Bret Baier, then the chief White House correspondent for Fox News, would be his replacement. Brit also announced that he would remain with Fox News as a senior political analyst and regular panelist for the program Fox News Sunday.

Brit generated some controversy on January 3, 2010 when on Fox News Sunday.  He advised embattled golfer Tiger Woods to convert to Christianity to attempt to end his problems. His  comments were made after the revelation of Woods’ habitual adultery and the resulting deterioration of his relationship with his family.

Brit Hume Retired|Retiring Fox News

In July 2008 It was reported that Hume would retire as anchor of Special Report at the end of the year, but he would remain on Fox News in a different role. Hume hosted his final episode as anchor of Special Report, announcing that Bret Baier then the Chief White House correspondent for Fox News as a Senior News would be his replacement.

Brit Hume Net Worth| Brit Hume Salary

As an news anchor and author Hume has a net worth of $14 million dollars. He also receives 2 million salary every year.

On The Record With Brit Hume

Brite was the host of the show named On the Record after Van Susterent’s departure from Fox News on September 6, 2016, this is an American news television program. This show was named On the Record with Greta Van Susteren’s and On the Record with Brit Hume during each host’s respective runs.
It featured news stories of the day following the latest information from correspondent on location and officials related issue. Like other networks, the program also consisted of analysis from legal analysts of the network and the host on the stories it was following. In addition, the program also derailed from criminal stories to follow breaking news of the day, as do other programs on the network.

Brit Hume And Megyn Kelly| Brit Hume Affair

Early in 2007 rumors circulated that Megyn was having an affair with Fox News veteran broadcaster Brit Hume, who had taken Kelly under his wing. She was contributing legal segments for his show SPecial Report with Brit Hume. Kelly was mortified .
Kelly Describes how she and Hume reacted when the report was published, can exclusively reveal. After meeting Brit and His wife Kim Hume they all hit it off immediately.

Brit Hume Political Views| Brit Democrat

This is what president Clinton told him “I think all of us think you have done an extraordinary, professional job under Republican and Democratic administrations alike.” Hume became Fox News’s Washington managing editor.

Brit Hume Boca Grande

On any given Monday or Tuesday in Boca Grande, you probably won’t see Kim and  Hume at a cocktail party. That’s because while you may be having a cocktail or watching the news on television,  Hume is appearing on TV, on Fox News, live from Boca Grande. Kim is the technician, camera and audio operator making the live television feed possible.

Brit Hume Books

  1. Death and the mines;: Rebellion and murder in the United Mine Workers
    by Brit Hume
  2. Inside story
    by Brit Hume
  3. Inside Story Tales of Washington scandals by the young reporter who helped Jack Anderson dig them out
    by Brit Hume

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