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Brian Brennan is a former professional American football player who was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the fourth round of the 1984 NFL Draft.

Brian Brennan Biography

Brian Brennan (born February 15, 1962) is a former professional American football player who was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the fourth round of the 1984 NFL Draft. He graduated from Brother Rice High School (Michigan).

He was a teammate of quarterback Doug Flutie at Boston College and played in nine NFL seasons from 1984 to 1992 for the Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the San Diego Chargers.

In 2005, when Brennan and fellow Cleveland Browns broadcasters Bob Golic and Reggie Rucker were forced to buy time during a preseason game due to a lightning storm, the three achieved local stardom after an on-air breakdown.

Brennan is an executive at Key Bank.

Brian Brennan Age

Brennan was born on February 15, 1962, in Bloomfield, Michigan. He is 57 years old as of 2019.

Brian Brennan Education

Brennan is an award-winning Irish journalist and author who has lived and worked in Canada since 1966. Trained at University College Dublin, Vancouver’s Langara College, the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the National Critics Institute in Waterford, Connecticut.

Brian Brennan Key Bank

Ex-Cleveland Browns player who was there for “The Drive” sees good things ahead for the team

“This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve been this excited about the Cleveland Browns,” said Brian Brennan, a Managing Director and Division Head for Fixed Income at KeyBanc Capital Markets. Brennan has a unique perspective on the team.

He spent nine years in the NFL, eight of them with the Browns. In fact, he remains its fourth all-time receiver, with 315 receptions, and made the playoffs seven of his eight Browns seasons, from 1984-1991.

While he enjoyed a lot of success with the team, he also experienced its heartbreaks, including “The Drive” from the 1986 AFC championship game.

“There were less than six minutes left in the game when I caught a touchdown pass thrown by Bernie Kosar that put us up 20-13,” said Brennan. “When I walked over to the sidelines I was so excited I was shaking. I thought for sure we were going to the Super Bowl because I had just scored.”

But a Brown’s appearance at the Super Bowl was not to be. Brennan watched in horror as, with less than a minute to go, Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway led a 98-yard drive that tied the game and led to a Broncos win in overtime.

“I remember standing on the sidelines watching arguably the best quarterback in the NFL at the time march the ball down the field, I began to feel a lump in my stomach developing. And then to lose in overtime at home in Cleveland, that really hurt!”

Life After Football

There would be both more challenges and more victories ahead before Brennan would leave the NFL to pursue a career in finance. He and his wife Bethany, whom he’d met at Boston College (where he’d been a teammate of Heisman Trophy winner Doug Flutie), liked Cleveland and decided to put down roots in Northeast Ohio.

Their three grown children also work in finance, two of them at Key and one at Bloomberg.

Brennan says he’s very encouraged by what’s currently happening with the Browns.

“The most important thing is the acquisition of talent, and this year’s draft was exceptional. The upgrade to the offensive line is huge,” said Brennan. “I also like Hue Jackson, I think he’s a very solid coach. It should be a good recipe for success over the next few years.”

Brennan said some of the lessons he learned in football carried over to his career at Key. “No matter what talent level anyone has, in football or any other discipline, you get to the top through good habits, hard work, and with help from others who have the same goals that you have.”

Brennan is thrilled to be at a company that shares his goals of community service. He has hosted a golf tournament for nearly 30 years that has raised more than $5.5 million for Boys Hope Girls Hope, an organization that provides quality education and a safe, secure home to help children in challenging circumstances to succeed. Key has been a significant supporter over the years.

“Key has a very strong moral and ethical executive leadership team. People at Key, whether it’s our CEO, Beth Mooney, or other employees, truly care about others, and that’s how I was raised, too,” says Brennan.

Brian Brennan Career

The information Brennan career is under review will be updated soon.

Brian Brennan Net Worth

Brennan has an estimated net worth of $400, 000. For 17.01.2019 – We have the next information about Brian Brennan earnings, net worth: $5,513,599 Dollars.

Brian Brennan Height, Weight

How tall is Brian Brennan – 1,63m.
How much weight is Brian Brennan – 67kg
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Brian Brennan Foundation

Brennan Foundation to Hold Fundraiser for Troops

It has been more than three years since Joanne Brennan got the call no military family ever wants to receive. Her son Brian had been critically wounded serving in Afghanistan and his chances of survival did not look good.

Since receiving that call in May 2008, Brennan has seen her son survive multiple surgeries and complications and return to active duty despite losing both his legs as the result of an improvised explosive device that detonated under his vehicle. All through the process, she said her family has been overwhelmed by the support of friends and family and the Howell community as a whole.

Brennan said because of that support they founded the Brennan Stands Alone Foundation to help soldiers and their families who have experienced similar trauma. As part of that effort, the foundation will hold a dinner on Nov. 19 in honor of Marine Corporal David Noblit Jr. at the Southard Fire House, 4611 Route 9, Howell.

According to an article in a local paper, like Brennan, Noblit was searching for IEDs in 2010 when one of the devices exploded, costing him both of his legs. He is married with a young son, which Joanne Brennan said was part of the reason why he was chosen to be honored.

She said Brian seemed to defy the odds at every stage. First, he was stuck at a field hospital because of a sandstorm and ended up getting home sooner than the doctors treating him expected.

“While we were preparing to come to Germany they told us that he actually surprised everybody,” she said. “He made a turn and he did what we know Brian does which is come home to Walter Reed (National Military Medical Center) on Mother’s Day.”

Even when his physical injuries had healed his mother said the doctors were not convinced he could recover from a severe brain injury he had suffered. She called it “devastating news” when doctors told her that her son could be in a “vegetative state” for the rest of his life.

Once again, her son defied the odds thanks to the help of a distinguished visitor to his bedside, former Gen. David Petraeus. At first, there was no response from Brian Brennan until he shouted “Currahee,” a Cherokee word meaning “We Stand Alone Together,” a rallying cry of the 101st Airborne Division.

Just that quickly Joanne Brennan said she saw her son come back to them, a situation that she said the doctors had described as “possible, but highly improbable.” Then the real work started and the support started pouring in.

Foundation established

Donations came in not only to help with Brian’s treatment but also to build an expansion onto the family’s house that made it more accessible for when Brian came home. “At this point in time we said this is so overwhelming we have to give back,” she said. “When Brian came home we decided to start the foundation.”

Joanne Brennan said being able to help others has been important to the family. “Nobody ever expected Brian to do what he did,” she said. “We know so many families that don’t get that miracle and we try to make things better through the foundation.”

In just two short years she said the foundation has raised close to $150,000.

And while some families would have gone through the recovery and walked away from the service, Brennan said her son was determined to get back to work as soon as possible. “He said, ‘I still have a lot to offer and you’re not going to get rid of me that fast,’ ” she said.

After completing his therapy and adjusting to life with prosthetic legs, she watched her son return to active duty. He is currently stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia.

Then 1st Lt. Brennan also earned a promotion to captain. His mother said it is another example of his resolve. “There’s no stopping him,” she said with pride and a laugh. She also said that what he has gone through is not lost on his comrades in arms. “They get inspired when they see him doing what he’s doing.”

His work to help his fellow soldiers started even before he left the hospital. His mom said during his treatment there was a local restaurant that his brother Jason would take him to. When he was able to, Brian would load up some of the other patients he was with and take them there as a chance to get out of the hospital.

“It was his way of taking care of the men,” she said. “That’s what Brian’s passion in life is, to lead men. This was his way of leading while he was still in recovery.”

Now that he is back to full service, and despite some initial concerns about him going back into the Army, Brennan said she knows it is what he wants. “We couldn’t be prouder,” she said. “It’s very emotional when I see him in uniform.”

Community support

Joanne Brennan said she appreciates everything the people of Howell have done for her family.

“Everybody was just amazing and we can never thank Howell enough and the surrounding areas for the passion that they had to help us,” she said. People who came as strangers volunteering their time have become much more. “There was a handful of about 10 volunteers who said I’m here to do whatever, and they’re now lifelong friends.”

Brian Brennan recently celebrated his 27th birthday and is getting married in September. His mother said it’s been amazing to see what her son has accomplished.

“It was his drive to do what he wants to do,” she said. “The best way to get Brian to do something is to tell him he can’t.”

The foundation’s work helps the family move beyond the trauma of Brian’s injuries.

“Healing for us is through these families when we help them and see the looks that we must have had when other people help us.”

The dinner is scheduled to be held at the Southard Firehouse from 6:30 to 11 p.m. and is $50 per person or $500 per table. The night will include a buffet dinner, live music, and a sports memorabilia auction.

College Statistics

1981: 37 catches for 726 yards with 3 TD
1982: 12 catches for 305 yards with 3 TD
1983: 66 catches for 1,149 yards with 8 TD

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