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Ben Kissel Biography

Ben Kissel is a Podcaster, comedian, writer, politician and a Renaissance Man. His podcast “Last Podcast on the Left”, for which he is a co-creator and co-host. He won a Webby and was listed as one of Itunes Top 10 most downloaded comedy podcasts of 2017 with over a million subscribers. Kissel is also the host of the political comedy podcast “Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat”.

In 2017 Ben ran for Brooklyn Borough President with the Reform Party, which he did not win. He is a political pundit with appearances on CNN, Fox News Network, HLN. Ben is also a national radio host having worked on Sirius Radio and Fox News Radio. In 2015 as a political activist, he was able to overturn an anti-crossdressing law in New Jersey.

Ben Kissel Age And Height

Kissel was born on July 21st, 1981 in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin. He is 38 years old as of 2019. His birth sign is Cancer. He has medium length brown hair, brown eyes, is 6ft 7ins (2m) tall and weighs around 167lbs (76kg).

Ben Kissel Family

He was born on July 21st, 1981 in Steven’s Point, in Wisconsin, where his father had settled after emigrating from Germany. Being the youngest of three sons in the Midwest made Ben a fighter. Both of Ben’s brothers eventually came out as gay.

Ben Kissel Education

After high school, Ben attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He was extremely active in the 2004 elections before graduating with a degree in Political Science.

Ben Kissel

Ben Kissel Career

Kissel started his career as a stand-up comedian in 2005. A line of work that he still practices to this day. In 2011, he created The Last Podcast on the Left with Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski, who joined after the third episode.

The show covers fictional and real-life horrors, with topics including serial killers, conspiracy theories, UFO sightings, and ghosts.

They also enact fictional characters such as “Detective Popcorn” and “Terry the Gnome”. Each episode is about one hour long and is released weekly on Fridays. He ran for Brooklyn Borough President with the Reform Party.

In high school, Ben was spanked by the principal of his school for singing “All Along the Watchtower” on the stage where the school priest normally preached. It was this moment that he realized he might have potential in building a career in comedy.

He also runs a weekly political podcast called Abe Lincoln’s Hat.  Ben discusses political topics and their social implications and speaks about sports and politics on Cave Comedy Radio. Since 2013, Ben has appeared in a number of short films and TV series and writes for a comedy show called Red Eye.


Ever since Ben graduated from university, he’s maintained an interest in politics and was somewhat politically active. In 2017, Ben ran on the reform ticket for the President of Kings County, New York State, and gained a lot of friends from both Reform and US Libertarian parties.

Even though he was not able to win the final vote, he did manage to change the anti-crossdressing law in New Jersey. He is thinking about running for the Presidency again soon, saying that he will advocate the same things as before.

Ben Kissel is going to support criminal justice reform, honest policing, legalize recreational marijuana use. He is also going to suggest vocational education for secondary students.

Other than his “The Last Podcast on the Left” show, he is also a host of “Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat” weekly political podcast, during which he talks about numerous political topics and social issues. Ben also works as a speaker on Cave Comedy Radio. He appeared and talked on a couple of political news shows too, most of which was aired on CNN, RT, and MSNBC.

Ben Kissel Early Life

Ben Kissel was born on July 21st, 1981 in Steven’s Point, in Wisconsin, where his father had settled after emigrating from Germany. During his childhood, Kissel lived in a religious household that also hosted many foster children.

He often took up the role as the diffuser in situations at home, and grew up being known as the ‘class clown’.Ben started to become interested in politics in the lead up to the Iraq war in 2001 and 2002.

Ben Kissel Net Worth

Kissel has an estimated networth of $300 000.







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