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April Macie Biography

April Macie (born; April Maciejczyk) is an American comedian, television personality, writer, and actress born on 30th September 1976 in Easton Pennsylvania, USA.  She uses overtly sexual humor in her comedy to break double standards. She appeared in the fourth season of Last Comic Standing on NBC.

She travels the world collecting stories and experiences. She then translates them into humorous, relatable tales in front of audiences worldwide. She has been to over 23 countries. In 12 countries, she performed stand-up comedy for the troop. In 2006 she was a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. She has also appeared on E! Entertainment, Fuel TV, HSN, Sirius and XM Radio, Bob & Tom and Access Hollywood. She was labeled an “emerging talent to watch” by the Hollywood Reporter at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in 2005.

April Macie Age

She was born on 30th September 1976 in Easton Pennsylvania (42 years as of 2018)

April Macie Mother | April Macie Mom

April says that her mother’s hobby was painting romantic pictures of herself with Michael Bolton. She says she was raised her schizophrenic aunt.

In 2012 she tweeted a photo that her mom painted of her and Michael Bolton.

During mothers day in 2015 April posted a photo of her mother wishing her a Happy mother’s day.


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April Macie Husband | April Macie Boyfriend

On 8th September 2018 April got married to Arya Shoaee (according to her Facebook handle), an Iran national according to a photo she posted on her Instagram.



April Macie Comedian

April is a comedian who began comedy as a coping mechanism as she was always the girl who was being picked on.She travels the world collecting stories and experiences which she then translates into humorous, relateable tales. She has been to over 23 countries and performed in 12 of those for the troops.

April uses overtly sexual humor as she attempts to break down troubling double-standards and lend her voice to women everywhere. During an interview she said

“Sexuality is the one common denominator for all humanity. It’s a normal biological function. While women’s bodies are used to sell things on TV, it’s crazy if someone questions that a woman talks openly about herself. It’s a little backwards. We constantly see violence on TV, but no one seems to object to that.

I use ‘cutesy’ or clinical words, not vulgar descriptions, you want to leave audiences with a feeling that they know someone. Everyone wants the same thing — love and acceptance — and everyone has negative emotions.”

April has appeared on ! Entertainment, Fuel TV, HSN, Sirius and XM Radio, Bob & Tom, Access Hollywood. In 2005 she was dubbed by Hollywood Reporter at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival as an “emerging talent to watch”.

In 2006 she was a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. She is a regular guest on the Howard Stern show where she was voted the “Funniest and Hottest” comedian in America in 2008.

During an interview April said she normally avoids joking about politics or religion as the topics are polarizing.

“To me, I never really talked about politics or religion because it’s so polarizing. I feel unless I can make it funnier than someone who did it great, it’s not really my area of expertise.”

April Macie Net Worth

The comedian’s net worth is not yet revealed.

April Macie Tour 2019 | April Macie Tour Dates

  • Jan 3 – 5, 2019
    Comix Mohegan Sun
    Uncasville, CT
  • Jan 18 – 19, 2019
    The Comedy Cellar at Mojo’s
    Austingtown, OH

April Macie Stand Up Comedy Tour 2018

Date (2018) Venue Time
 5th December  Zanies Rosemont.Rosemont, IL  8:00 p.m
 6th December  Zanies Rosemont.Rosemont, IL  8:00 p.m
 7th December  Zanies Rosemont. Rosemont, IL  8:00 p.m
 8th December  Zanies: Chicago. Chicago, Illinois  7:00 p.m
 8th December  Zanies: Chicago. Chicago, Illinois  9:00 p.m.
 8th December  Zanies: Chicago. Chicago, Illinois  11:45 p.m
 13th December  Laugh BostonBoston, Massachusetts  8:00 p.m
 14th December  Laugh BostonBoston, Massachusetts  8:00 p.m
 15th December  Laugh BostonBoston, Massachusetts  8:00 p.m
 15th December  Laugh BostonBoston, Massachusetts  10:15 p.m

April Macie Movies and TV Shows

Year Film Role
 2014  Comedy Underground with Dave Attell  Herself
 2012  Snoop Dogg Presents: The Bad Girls of Comedy  Herself
 2011  A Guy Walks  Girl
 2011  The Naughty Show  Herself
 2011  Pauly Shore’s Vegas Is My Oyster  Herself
 2010  I Am Comic  Herself
 2009  Road to Hollywood  Herself
 2008  April & Christina  April
 2006  Last Comic Standing  Herself

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April Macie Interview

April Macie Interview

So, I saw on YouTube “the kiss” from AVN (adult movie awards). You looked kinda nervous.

April Macie: I’d never made out before with a lady, I was prettified. Shane was excited but said, “You looked like you were going to cry.”

You recently outed Lance Armstrong for asking you to perform a lewd sex act, which you flatly refused. Any feedback from the fallen cycling star?

April Macie: No. I think he has enough on his plate to worry about.

Where did Armstrong’s request register on the disgusting level?

April Macie: Most male comic are animals so I’m kind of used to it but that was pretty high on the disgusting level.

You appeared on the fourth season of NBC’s reality series “Last Comic Standing” in 2006. Was it one of those things your agent forced you into or did you enjoy the experience?

April Macie: It was exciting. I was a really new comic. “Last Comic Standing” gave me career on the road and now I’m making a living.

You’re a regular guest on Howard Stern’s show, where in 2008 you were voted the “Funniest and Hottest” comedian in America. What’s the key to getting Stern to like you?

April Macie: I think it’s just honesty; if you have compelling stories. What’s great about Howard, I really respect him, is that entertainment people are always telling me what to do and he always stuck to what he thought was funny. I really respect him for not playing it safe.

I’m reading Roseanne Barr’s autobiography and it’s really sad, the sexism she had to deal with as a stand-up comedian. Are women still being treated that way?

April Macie: It’s amazing how they’ll bring you out and say, “We have a lady.” Like it’s a dancing monkey, like you’re these boobs that can talk and it’s amazing that they have independent thoughts of their very own.

Please, tell me about your days at the University of Florida.

April Macie: I was a Gator for two and one-third years before I dropped out. I smuggled a lot of booze in my pockets to The Swamp. I was never 21 and had a really crappy fake I.D. and at the Purple Porpoise it got taken away.

What did you learn from your time as a Hooters waitress on Hollywood Boulevard?

April Macie: Nobody ever tells you they’re going to ask real interview questions. I just thought you put your boobs on the scale.

Your website says, and I quote, “April has been to over 23 countries, 12 of those performing stand-up comedy (not fellatio) for the troops.”

April Macie: I like to do those and escape the narcissistic ego chase that is the entertainment business and perform for soldiers and the U.S. military and feel like I’m doing good. They’re super appreciative – just happy I peddled my cans over to Iraq.

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