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Amity Addrisi came to KING from California where she built her career working in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Bakersfield.As an Emmy Award-winning…

Amity Addrisi Biography

Amity Addrisi came to KING from California where she built her career working in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Bakersfield.

As an Emmy Award-winning journalist with over a decade of experience, she’s uncovered injustice through her investigative reporting, gotten up close and personal with many California wildfires and covered stories that captivated the nation, including the Jaycee Lee Dugard case.

Unlike many of her peers, Addrisi did not study communications or broadcasting in college; instead, she fell in love with journalism during an internship at KNBC, Los Angeles.

She received her B.S. in English Literature at the University of California, at Los Angeles where she also studied Geology. Her passion for Earth Science was a driving factor for settling in the Pacific Northwest.

She finds the complexities of the regional geology both fascinating and important in regards to education and preparation. When she is not at work she has her hands full with her busy toddler and husband.

Amity Addrisi Age | Amity Addrisi Birthday

Addrisi is an award-winning and leading journalists of America. She has won the Emmy award in 2010 and has been nominated for the Emmy awards several times. Her actual date of birth is still under review.

Amity Addrisi Family

In the University of California, Addrisi received her B.S in English literature and studied Geology too. Despite not having knowledge about communications and broadcasting she started pursuing her future as a journalist and did an internship at KNBC, Los Angeles.

Being a student of Geology, Complexities of the places fascinates her very much and she finds it very important for education. Along with her family, she has settled in the Pacific Northwest and is very happy with surroundings and people because of her love for Earth Science.

Despite being very much professional and serious in her work, Amity is very adventurous who loves traveling and discovering new places. She is also a fun loving person and enjoys most of her leisure time playing with her pets. The information about her parents and siblings will be updated soon.

Amity Addrisi Married

She is a married woman. But she has not revealed any details of her marriage. We are doing research about her marriage life which we will update soon.

Amity Addrisi Net Worth | Amity Addrisi Salary

Amity Addrisi came to KING from California where she built her career working in Los Angeles, Sacramento and Bakersfield. her total estimated Net Worth and salary as of 2019 is under review. We shall update the information soon.

Amity Addrisi Height | Amity Addrisi Body Measurement |Amity Addrisi ethnicity

Addrisi stands at a height of 5feet 4 inches tall. Amity Addrisi has a weight of 124 lbs. Her body type is Lean-Muscle. Amity belongs to Caucasian ethnicity and she has Brown Hair Color and Hazel Eye Color.

Amity Addrisi MeToo: Amity Addrisi shares a personal story

As a journalist, I’ve covered many stories about sexual assault but there’s the one I will never forget — couldn’t forget it if I tried.

The response to sexual harassment claims against Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein has led to millions of women posting the simple yet powerful phrase “me too.”

One of the biggest frustrations surrounding the Weinstein scandal is that no one spoke up for decades. It was just swept under the carpet, but not anymore.

Sexual harassment and assault are not easy topics to talk about and the story I’m about to tell may not be something you want children in the room to hear.

As a journalist, I’ve covered many stories about sexual assault but there’s the one I will never forget — couldn’t forget it if I tried.

It’s a story about a girl who I believe is nothing short of inspirational.

At just 4 years old, her father died and she was sent to stay with her aunt and uncle. She remembers being excited to get on a plane and spend the summer in Colorado playing with her cousins — she really looked up to those two older boys. She couldn’t wait for the fun they would have, but there was nothing fun, for her, in the basement of their house.

You see, that’s where her 16-year-old cousin first took her to touch her. He made her do things in exchange for candy he kept high on a shelf that she was too little to reach. She doesn’t remember how many times it happened but to this day her stomach turns when she smells a musty room.

When she finally returned home to her mother at the end of summer, she stayed silent. Obeying her promise to him to tell no one.

Luckily, it wasn’t long before her cousin confessed. He came forward that year and told his family what he had done to her and other children.

But what the girl didn’t know at the time was that she was not alone in this life. Her mother was abused, too, and her grandmother before that.

In her family, sexual abuse was an epidemic, a culture where the young women – children – were preyed upon. It happened at a time in society when families just swept the ugly stuff under the rug.

Each victim believed that they must’ve done something wrong and therefore it would only happen to them. So, it continued for generations. The effects of abuse manifested in many forms for each woman: depression, sexual promiscuity, drug abuse and the inability to communicate with others.

But this is a story of inspiration and here’s why this woman inspires me: she ultimately refused to let her past define her.

The woman I know still struggles with confidence, panic, and sadness — but today she refuses to stay silent. Every time I see her I try to build her up. I tell her she’s smart and worthy and wonderful. And then I walk away from the mirror and I start my day.

You see the girl I’m talking about is me. This is the first time I’ve told my story on television. In fact, it was just a few weeks ago that I told the story publicly for the first time to a gathering of abuse survivors.

So, why now? Because I think it’s time to wipe away the glossy exterior. Anyone can be affected by childhood sexual abuse. Even the lady who brings you the news and wishes you good morning with a smile on her face.
The need for healing continues years and years after the abuse has happened.

If it weren’t for my mother and grandmother who built me up, my husband and family who love me, and my therapist who helped me face my trauma and move forward with my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What happened to me was awful, but most importantly it does not define who I am and it has taught me that no one can take away the essential part of myself. It has not just made me a survivor but a fighter.

Amity Addrisi Articles

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