Amber Martinez Bio, Age, Partner, Are You The One

Amber Martinez Biography

Amber Martinez is an American reality television star who was cast in Season 8 of the MTV reality Show Are You The One. According to MTV, Martinez has done things like “search every movie theater in a 20-mile radius for her supposedly cheating partner.” So being in a house full of people trying to date each other with abandon might be a hurdle for her.

Amber Martinez Age

Amber Martinez is 23 years old as of 2018. She is from Yonkers, NY, United States.

Amber Martinez Family

Born and raised in New Jersey, details about Martinez’s family are not revealed but she said she comes from a very supportive family.

Amber Martinez Are You The One

In season 8 of Are You The One?, things have even more potential for drama than usual. This is Are You The One’s first sexually fluid cast, which means that everyone in the house could be paired with anyone else in the cast.

In order to split the grand prize of a million dollars, the singles living together in the show’s house have to figure out which predetermined pairings among them were hand-selected by relationship experts and matchmakers and now, everyone’s possibilities just doubled.

Are You The One Season 8 Cast

Remy Duran, Age: 27
Paige Cole, Age: 21
Justinavery “Justin” Palm, Age: 24
Jonathan Short, Age: 28
Jenna Brown, Age: 25
Jasmine Olson, Age: 21
Brandon Davis, Age: 25
Basit Shittu, Age: 25
Amber Martinez, Age: 23
Aasha Wells, Age: 22
Max Gentile, Age: 25
Kylie Smith, Age: 24
Kari Snow, Age: 23
Kai Wes, Age: 26

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