Alli Simpson Bio, Age, Alli Simpson Show, Husband, and Net Worth

Who is Alli Simpson?

Alli Simpson is a multi-talented young Australian who made her mark in showbiz as an actress, singer, model, host, dancer and fashion columnist. She forayed into showbiz inspired by her singer-songwriter, dancer and actor brother Cody Simpson.

Detailed Alli Simpson Biography

She started posting vlogs, beauty videos, cover songs and interviews on YouTube launching her account SoAlli which with time amassed millions of views and umpteen subscriptions. In 2010 she relocated to Los Angeles, California, the US with her family where she presently resides with them. When not working, this ravishing diva likes going to the beach, swimming, spending time with friends, exercising, eating, shopping, listening to music, singing, dancing and just chilling out.

Although there is not much information available on her romantic associations and dating status, many sources name Instagram sensation Tanner Zagarino as her love interest.

She stepped into the world of entertainment motivated by her brother, Cody Simpson’s rise to stardom. At the very outset, she set her stage by uploading cover songs, beauty videos, vlogs, and interviews on YouTube.

Gradually her YouTube channel ‘SoAlli’ that she launched on November 11, 2009, started getting attention and with time accumulated more than 60 million views and around half a million subscribers.

She came up with four singles released through her own label ‘So Alli Records’. Of these, some made way to the Billboard charts. All the four songs thrived in winning millions of views on YouTube.

These include ‘Wish U Were Here’ with over 4.2 million views, ‘Why I’m Single with more than 10 million views, ‘Notice Me’ with over 21 million views and ‘Roll ’em Up with over 6.7 million views. Cody Simpson and Selena Gomez wrote the last track for her.

The Alli Simpson Show

While focussing on music, she added another feather in her cap by becoming the youngest ever nationally syndicated radio host coming up with her own live weekly three-hour radio show, ‘The Alli Simpson Show’ at Radio Disney. In the show, she interviews celebrities from showbiz, up and coming artists and others who grabbed the limelight.

Some showbiz personalities who graced her show include Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, James Bay, Nick Jonas, and Gwen Stefani among others. One of its interesting parts is where she addresses several topics like music, fashion, family, friends, and boys and connects with her audience and fans by interacting with callers on these subjects.

The unique way in which she engages with her listeners and callers and shares her advice and experiences with them. This has made the show quite popular garnering over 20 million listeners a week.

She played OMI’s smash hit ‘Cheerleader’ in the international hits segment of her show and thus became the first US DJ to hit the track on Radio Disney. She will gear up in a new avatar as ‘Youth Engagement Officer’ at Radio Disney.

This new and bigger role of the damsel will see her aid the radio network. In informing and communicating about the relevant subjects, challenges, and trends of the youth today. She will engage the youth in meaningful conversations. Also, make sure that their voice reaches all platforms of the radio network.

What is Alli Simpson Age?

She was born on 24th April 1998 in Gold Coast in the U.S.A

Who’re Alli Simpson Family Members?

Alli Michelle Simpson was born in Gold Coast Hospital, Gold Coast, Australia, in a close-knit family of Angie and Brad Simpson. She has two brothers, elder Cody and younger Tom. She is also related to YouTube star Anneliese Simpson. Alli was a competitive swimmer in Australia in her younger days.

Who’re Alli Simpson Children?

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Who’s Alli Simpson  Husband?

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What is Alli Simpson Net Worth 2020?

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