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Alex Murrel (Alexandra Leah Murrel) is an American singer and actress. She is famously known for her role in MTV reality show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County as the tough, carefree character on the show.

Alex Murrel Bio | Alex Murrel Laguna Beach

Alex Murrel (Alexandra Leah Murrel) is an American singer and actress. She is famously known for her role in MTV reality show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County as the tough, carefree character on the show. She is currently focused on her singing career.

Having grown up in a musical family, she performed her first song, Hello, at the Fight the Slide Benefit Auction. She was an active member of the Drama club and chorus while she was in high school. It was while still in highschool that she made her acting debut after acquiring a slot in the drama Laguna Beach.

She has released many singles among them; What’s It To You, Best Friend, and Hello. Hello has been featured on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. She now studies at Chapman University.

Alex Murrel Age

Murrel was born on 29th January, 1987. She is 32 years old as of 2019.

Alex Murrel Net Worth

Murrel has an approximated net worth of $300000.

Alex Murrel Parents

Alex Murrel Photo

There is currently no information about Alex Murrel Parents. The Laguna Beach star has managed to keep that a secret.

Alex Murrel Wedding | Alex Murrel Husband | Alex Murrel Children

Murrel got married to her fiance Kyle Mark Johnson on 25th October, 2014. The two tied the knot after 15 months of engagement. The colourful outdoor event was attended by a number of famous people and her former high school friends. Murrel and Johnson have two sons; their first born Levi Johnson was born in August, 2016 and their second born son Kase Robert Johnson who was born on August 2018.

The couple has kept things completely secret and since their wedding, little has been heard from them. Murrel has also been off the limelight and it seems she is having so much a good family time. Since no news we assume the couple is doing perfectly fine.

Before her marriage in 2014, Murrel was involved in a number of relationships. Some of these relationships ended dramatically. In 2005 she was in a relationship with Nick Carter but after things turned sour they broke up in 2006. In the same 2005, she was in a romantic relationship with Jason Wahler. Perhaps the reason for their breakup with Nick.

Perhaps the longest relationship she has ever had, apart from her marriage, was with Renzo Gamboa. The two started dating in 2008, in what seemed like an inseparable couple. The boat hit the rock in 2010 and all the beautiful moments turned sour.

Alex Murrel Songs

  • Hello
  • Best friend
  • What is it to you

Alex Murrel Films

  • 2005 -Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County
  • 2006 -The Guardians
  • 2009 -American High School
  • 2009 -Action News 5

What is Alex Murrel Doing Now in 2019 | Alex Murrel 2019

Since 2009 little has been heard from Murrel. She is not the first celebrity to keep numb and press the disappear button from the limelight. Perhaps its better that way; it keeps fans guessing what she could be up to. The little thing there is to grasp is her wedding in 2014.

However though quiet Murrel is definitely busy doing something else. She is not the housewife you could be speculating. Since 2014, she has been the owner and director of the MOX Agency, a full service boutique media and marketing agency. The firm focuses on helping fashion companies build their online presence.

Last year she pitched a new reality show, starring herself and two of her former “Laguna Beach” co-stars, Taylor Cole and Morgan Olsen. The show however, wasn’t picked up well. Her most recent public event was the birth of her second born son in August 2018. In 2019 she is maintaining low key and we hope wherever she is, she is doing pretty fine. We hope to hear from her soon.

Alex Murrel Plastic Surgery

Romours has it that Alex had a chin implant.

Alex Murrel Interview

Q: Did you think 13 years later ‘Laguna Beach’ would still be such a staple in pop culture and people would still be talking about it?

Alex Murrel: It literally blows my mind! People will come up to me and say “I loved you on Laguna” and honestly, I’m always so surprised. To think 14 years later people still recognize me or care about the show really does show what a pop culture icon it was!

Q: Do you think that you were accurately portrayed on the show?

Alex Murrel: I think when you are 18 and your life is on camera, you tend to do things you probably wouldn’t have done had you been a little more mature. I tried to stay true to myself while filming and not waiver from that. I do feel that editing was a major role in ‘Laguna’ and creating characters is just standard when producing a “reality” show- people wouldn’t be interested if there was no drama.

Things were definitely exaggerated and editing made it seem as if it happened in one day. I think if you are a true ‘Laguna’ fan you can pin point where the editors messed up. All in all, I do not think I was accurately portrayed- I’m much nicer than they made me out to be.

Q: How was life immediately after Laguna Beach, the backlash, the rumors, things like that?

Alex Murrel: Life was crazy to say the least. I had gone to college right after the show aired. My college roommates at the time would have viewing parties, girls would run in and leave stuff at my door and I would get love or hate notes on my car. It was crazy! I ended up moving to LA pretty soon after to pursue music instead and even that was a whirlwind. I think I was naïve going into this experience not to think the “15 min” of fame would follow but it was a great experience and even with the good and bad, I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. I honestly miss it.

Q: NSYNC or Backstreet Boys, I just feel like I have to ask anyone who grew up in the late 90’s/early 2000’s that question.

Alex Murrel: I have to say Backstreet Boys only because Nick’s sister, Angel is a good friend of mine and my old roommate