Alex Guthrie Bio, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Net Worth, The Voice, Songs

Alex Guthrie Bio, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Net Worth, The Voice, Songs

Alex Guthrie Biography

Alex Guthrie is an American Soul Pop Singer Song-writer known for her appearance on The Voice, Blind Auditions.

Alex Guthrie Age

Alex Guthrie was born in 1994, he is 25 years old as of 2019. He resides in Marietta, Georgia.

Alex Guthrie Girlfriend

According to his Instagram post Alex is currently dating a girl by the name Jeniffer Boner.

Alex Guthrie Net Worth

Guthrie has an estimated net worth $1 million U.S dollars. His net worth is expected to increase due to his promising career.

Alex Guthrie Height

Guthrie stands at a height of 1.75.

Alex Guthrie Family – Alex Guthrie Parents

Guthrie flaunts pictures of his family on his social media accounts but the details about them remains a misery. He is really proud of his family for its support on his musical journey and he is ready to make them proud on “The Voice”.

Alex Guthrie Early Life

Guthrie learned to play guitar when he was 12 years old and later joined the school chorus and a garage band. At 16, he began gigging and skipped college to pursue music. When music wasn’t paying the bills, Guthrie explored his interest in reptiles and began snake breeding.

With some money in his pocket, Guthrie spent a year doing a 44-state tour playing music around the country. After returning home, Alex was cast as a singer in a commercial for American Family Insurance. As part of the commercial, Jennifer Hudson surprised Alex and sang with him. Hudson encouraged Alex to take his talents to “The Voice.”

Alex Guthrie Songs

  • Colorado 2014
  • Luckiest Man 2014
  • Keep on Talking 2019
  • Something to Replace 2014
  • Just a Phase 2014
  • Is It Me 2018
  • Movin’ On 2014
  • Woman Who’s Waiting 2014
  • Broken Man Blues 2014
  • Put Your Guns Away 2014
  • Honey Bunny 2015
  • Goin’ Nowhere Blues 2015
  • Pale English Rose 2015
  • Train Robbin’ Blues 2015
  • Held in Gentle Tether Here 2015
  • Back to the Night 2015
  • Lessons Learned 2014
  • Hold On Me 2014
  • The Ascetic Life 2015
  • Even the Birds 2015
  • Cold World Took My Love Away 2015
  • The Christmas Song 2017
  • Sister 2015
  • Benny 2015
  • White Christmas 2017
  • Little by Little 2015

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