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Albert Mohler Biography

Albert Mohler born Richard Albert Mohler Jr. is an American historical theologian and the ninth president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He has been described as “one of America’s most influential evangelicals”.

Albert Mohler Age

Albert was born on October 19, 1959, Lakeland, FL. He is 59 years as of 2018.

Albert Mohler Image

Albert Mohler Image

Albert Mohler Education and Personal life

Mohler was born in Lakeland, Florida, on October 19, 1959. He attended the Southside Baptist Church during his Lakeland years. Mohler attended college as a Faculty Scholar at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County. He then received a Bachelor of Arts from Samford University, a private college in Birmingham, Alabama, affiliated with the coeducational Baptist. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary conferred his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in systematic and historical theology.

Albert Mohler Career

In addition to his presidency at SBTS, Mohler was the host of The Albert Mohler Program, a nationwide radio show “dedicated to engaging contemporary culture with Christian beliefs.” He is former vice president of the Family Focus board and a member of the Biblical Manhood and Womanhood council. Christianity Today recognized Mohler as a leader among American evangelicals, and in 2003 Time called him the “ruling intellectual of the evangelical movement in the United States.” Mohler gave lectures or addresses at various conservative evangelical universities.

In 2018, Mohler labeled turmoil as the “own horrifying #MeToo moment” of the Southern Baptist Convention and said it stemmed from “an unorganized conspiracy of silence” over sexual misconduct and abuse. He wrote that the “issues of the SBC are far deeper and wider” than the controversy surrounding Paige Patterson, who was moved that day from president to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s emeritus president.

In early 2019, the Southern Baptist Convention was shaken by explosive newspaper reports of sexual abuse by church leaders and volunteers, and Mohler called for independent investigations by third parties. Just days after the 2019 Houston Chronicle report of allegations of hundreds of cases of sexual abuse (some of which were not reported to law enforcement officers), Mohler apologized in a newspaper interview for supporting a religious leader accused of helping to conceal sexual abuse in his former church. Some lauded Mohler, while others questioned these comments ‘ timing and motivations. One day after Mohler’s remarks to the Houston Chronicle, his Southern Baptist Theological Seminary office released a related statement by him.

Albert Mohler Social Justice

Mohler was in the family’s Focus board of directors. In this role, he was one of Justice Sunday’s main organizers, a nationally televised event broadcast in Louisville on April 24, 2005, from Highview Baptist Church, Mohler’s home church. Mohler shared the stage with the founder of the family, James Dobson, Charles Colson and Focus. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist made a videotaped appearance at the event. Another host of the program was Tony Perkins, Chairman of the Family Research Council. The purpose of the broadcast was to mobilize the conservative base in lobbying the United States Senate to curtail debate on the nominations to the federal judiciary made by George W. Bush.

We want to communicate to all that we are not calling for persons merely to be moral. We want them to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ because we don’t just need instruction, we need salvation. Now, because of that, something has to explain why we would take this time on a Sunday night to talk about something like the federal judiciary. I want to make clear why there is such a sense of urgency that we would do this. It’s because so much that is precious to us, so much that is essential to this civilization, this culture, this great democratic republic is in the hands of the courts. And we know that means that much is at risk. Because we have been watching. And we have been learning. For far too long, Christians have been concerned to elect the right people to office, and then go back home. We have learned the importance of the electoral process, and yet we’re also discovering that that third branch of government, the judiciary, is so very, very important. We have been watching court cases come down the line. In 1973, Roe v. Wade [declared] a woman’s right to an abortion. We now know in the aftermath of that decision, that Justice Harry Blackmun, who was the author of the majority opinion, even has admitted that they were determined to legalize abortion, and they just went to the Constitution to try to find an argument that would get them where they wanted to go. And they did. Now, that was a wake-up call for Americans to say, now wait a minute, there’s nothing in the Constitution about abortion. By no stretch of the imagination did the founders of this nation and the framers of that document intend for anyone to be able to read those words and find a right to kill unborn children.

— Albert Mohler, April 24, 2005

Albert Mohler Theological views

Roman Catholics and the Pope 

Mohler believes that the Roman Catholic Church is a “false church” teaching a “false gospel” and the office of the pope is not legitimate. During a podcast of The Briefing on March 13, 2014, Mohler said that Evangelicals “simply can not accept the papacy’s legitimacy” and that “doing otherwise would be compromising biblical truth and reversing the Reformation.” Mohler denounced Pope Francis for his alleged leadership of the left.

Mohler said he was one of the original signatories of the Manhattan Declaration because it is a limited ecumenical statement of Christian conviction on the subjects of abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage, and not a broad theological document that undermines confessional integrity. He stressed that, despite his profound theological disagreements with the Catholic Church, he signed the document.

Gender roles and sexuality 

In 2017, Mohler signed the Nashville Statement.


According to Mohler, yoga practice is not consistent with Christianity.

When Christians practice yoga, they must either deny the reality of what yoga represents or fail to see the contradictions between their Christian commitments and their embrace of yoga. The contradictions are not few, nor are they peripheral. The bare fact is that yoga is a spiritual discipline by which the adherent is trained to use the body as a vehicle for achieving consciousness of the divine… The embrace of yoga is a symptom of our postmodern spiritual confusion…

After voicing his stance on the topic, Mohler stated that he was ‘surprised by the depth of the commitment to yoga found on the part of many who identify as Christians’

Albert Mohler Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

In 1983, Mohler joined the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary staff in Louisville, Kentucky as the Foundation Support Coordinator. He became Capital Funding Director in 1987, a post he held until 1989. He had served as assistant to then-President Roy Honeycutt from 1983 to 1989, while still a student. In February 1993, the board of trustees of the institution appointed Mohler to succeed Honeycutt as the ninth president of the seminary.

Albert Mohler Speaking engagements

On November 8–9, 2004, Mohler talked at the yearly gathering of the Florida Baptist State Convention.

On May 21, 2005, Mohler gave the initiation address at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. Mohler told graduates they could show the magnificence of God by telling and safeguarding reality, sharing the gospel, drawing in the way of life, changing the world, cherishing the congregation and demonstrating the brilliance of God in their very own lives.

On February 25, 2014, Mohler conveyed a Forum Lecture in the Marriott Center Arena at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. The title of Mohler’s address was, “Fortify the Things that Remain: Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Human Flourishing in a Dangerous Age.”

Albert Mohler Apostles Creed

Title The Apostles’ Creed: Discovering Authentic Christianity in an Age of Counterfeits
Author R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
Contributor John MacArthur
Publisher Thomas Nelson Incorporated, 2019
ISBN 071809915X, 9780718099152
Length of 256 pages

Albert Mohler Quotes

“The problem with Prosperity Theology is not that it promises too much, but that it aims for so little. What God promises us in Christ is far above anything that can be measured in earthly wealth – and believers are not promised earthly wealth nor the gift of health.” ~ Albert Mohler

“God is most beautifully praised when His people hear His Word, love His Word, and obey His Word.” ~ Albert Mohler

“Convictions are not merely beliefs we hold; they are those beliefs that hold us in their grip.” ~ Albert Mohler

“When a denomination begins to consider doctrine divisive, theology troublesome, and convictions inconvenient, consider that denomination on its way to a well-deserved death.” ~ Albert Mohler

“At the end of the day, the biggest obstacle to evangelism is Christians who don’t share the gospel.” ~ Albert Mohler

“A close look at many churches will reveal that a central problem is the lack of biblical maturity among the men.” ~ Albert Mohler

“Hell will be filled with people who were avidly committed to Christian values.” ~ Albert Mohler

“The true test of our worldview is what we find entertaining.” ~ Albert Mohler

“Don’t allow the Internet to become your congregation. YouTube is a horrible place to go to church.” ~ Albert Mohler

“In the end, the church will either declare the truth of God’s Word, or it will find a way to run away from it.” ~ Albert Mohler

“Everyone is in a hurry. The persons whom I lead in worship, among whom I counsel, visit, pray, preach, and teach, want shortcuts. They want me to help them fill in the form that will get them instant credit (in eternity). They are impatient for results. They have adopted the lifestyle of a tourist and only want the high points. . . . The Christian life cannot mature under such conditions and in such ways.” ~ Albert Mohler”Passionate leaders driven by passionate beliefs draw passionate followers.” ~ Albert Mohler

“Authentic Christian Preaching carries a note of authority and a demand for decisions not found elsewhere in society.” ~ Albert Mohler

“Hang on to this with your life: “In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”” ~ Albert Mohler

“The absence of consistent biblical worldview thinking is a key mark of spiritual immaturity.” ~ Albert Mohler

“This generation must know that the total truthfulness of the Bible is under continual assault.” ~ Albert Mohler

“The Christian church does not ask the U. S. Supreme Court, or any other human court, what marriage is. Marriage is a pre-political institution defined by our Creator – for His glory and for human flourishing.” ~ Albert Mohler

“You have no idea, right now, what some young person in your church will mean for the cause of Christ. Lean in, encourage, mentor, think big.” ~ Albert Mohler

“You have no idea, right now, what some young person in your church will mean for the cause of Christ. Lean in, encourage, mentor, think big.” ~ Albert Mohler

Albert Mohler Phil Johnson

 Phil Johnson Asks Direct Questions to Albert Mohler on Social Justice. During the Q&A Panel at the 2019 Shepherds’ Conference at John MacArthur’s Grace Church, Phil Johnson posted a number of questions to Albert Mohler, Ligon Duncan, and Mark Dever

Albert Mohler Media and editorial work

Mohler served as editor of The Christian Index, the Georgia Baptist Convention’s biweekly newsletter. He was Associate Editor of the two-monthly Preaching Magazine from 1985 to 1993. Mohler also served on the Bible’s 2001 English Standard Version (ESV) Advisory Council. Mohler has previously blogged on, a website run by Richmond, Virginia’s Salem Web Network. Mohler currently blogs from the Christian perspective on his website and hosts “The Briefing,” a daily podcast on current events. Mohler also hosts an extensive interview podcast on theological and cultural issues, “Thinking in Public.”

Albert Mohler Briefing

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2019

Changing Plausibility Structures: Joe Biden Reverses His Long-Standing Support of the Hyde Amendment Why the Sexual Revolution is Sure to Drive the Leading Democratic Presidential Candidates to Target Religious Freedom in 2020 Analyzing Kentucky’s Gubernatorial Primary Results: Why the Democratic Candidates in an Overwhelmingly Pro-Life State Must Embrace the Pro-Abortion Movement New Age Activist Marianne Williamson’s Surprising Campaign for President Proves That What Was Once Considered Fringe Is Remarkably Close to Becoming Mainstream


Secularizing America: The Worldview Divide in the American Electorate is Not Just Political, It’s Also Theological Why Are There No Openly Atheist Candidates for President? This Just In: A Man Can’t Have a Baby

TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2019

How Long Can Christians Genuinely Hold to Christian Convictions and Stay in the Medical Field? A Dark Warning: The Culture of Death Now Argues that Physicians who Oppose Abortion on Religious Grounds Should Not Enter Obstetrics and Gynecology Moral Relativism on Display in the Public Library as Drag Queen Reads at Storytime: Even the Library Is Not a Safe Space for Christian Parents and Children Anymore Now Starring in the Latest Box Office Sensation? Man’s Best Friend

MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019

Introducing Kirsten Gillibrand the Theologian You Can’t Legislate Morality: A Bad Argument Rises Again Taiwan Becomes First Asian Nation to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage: What’s Behind the Headline Same-Sex Marriage Marks an American Anniversary: It’s Still Younger Than Your 16-Year Old To Be Human Is to Crave a Satisfying End to the Story: A Look at the Nihilistic Worldview of George R. R. Martin and the Quest for an Ending

FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2019

California’s governor prohibits capital punishment but prosecutors are still seeking the death penalty in cases like the Hollywood Ripper and the Golden State Killer Doris Day dies at 97: A look at her life as a sex symbol, animal rights activist, and follower of Mary Baker Eddy’s Christian Science French baby names are changing: What the rise of names like Chanel and Mohamed reveal about France

THURSDAY, MAY 16, 2019

The intensity of the abortion debate in the United States reaches a new level as Alabama bill banning abortion is signed into law The new Alabama abortion law sets the stage for potentially overturning Roe v. Wade, but will the Supreme Court hear the case? PBS depicts gay wedding on ‘Arthur’: How the sexual revolution seeks to normalize its own morality by targeting children


Days before election, Australian Prime Minister is asked about his views on homosexuality and hell: What his answers reveal about the future of Christians in the moral revolution The audacity of moral revolutionaries who claim sinners will not go to hell: How our culture determines theology based on emotion Have the arts replaced Christianity as the primary change agent of society?

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2019

Conservatives should embrace evolution? A strange argument deserves a response Elite campus politics and the new ideology of “safety” — the transformation of college in a recent headline The revolt of “coastal elites” and the link between geography and worldview

MONDAY, MAY 13, 2019

So help me God? How a little change in Congress points to a big change in the culture How does God make an oath? Big theology behind recent headlines ‘Secret science’ and the arrival of gene-edited babies Science, scientism, and the big question of who will make the biggest moral decisions in the future

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2019

The war for the minds of our children: New California sex education framework for public schools is a manifesto for the sexual revolution and LGBTQ movement Heroism is not dead, and we must be thankful that it isn’t: Young men in North Carolina and Colorado show that manhood still matters, especially in the face of evil A doctor’s conscience on abortion should never be respected? One congresswoman’s amazingly honest statement and the moral subversion of society


Christine Quinn claims the life in a mother’s womb isn’t a human being, raising the question, “What then is the standard for recognizing human life?” Rival views of human nature: Should prisoners be allowed to vote? The morality of human nature and the consequences of evil. Avatar baptisms? Why there can be no such thing as a virtual reality church


Christianity is increasing in Africa but declining in the industrial West: What these trends reveal about the reverse missionary movement and conservative theology What does a historical debate between Martyn Lloyd-Jones and John Stott have to do with the modern happenings of the Church of England? The problem of gay clergy and the LGBTQ revolution in the Anglican Church Georgia’s governor signs fetal heartbeat bill: The holy provocation of recent pro-life legislation

Albert Mohler Libertarianism

Mohler argued that libertarianism is idolatrous and that it is inconsistent with Christian ideals as a comprehensive world view or fundamental guiding principle for human life. He is a proponent of personal freedom but believes that when applied in the political sphere, such freedoms can lead to problems. On the other hand, the more limited economic libertarianism can be consistent with the “Christianity’s comprehensive world view.”

Albert Mohler Books

Books authored by R. Albert Mohler Jr.

  • Atheism Remix: A Christian Confronts the New Atheists
  • Culture Shift: Engaging Current Issues with Timeless Truth (Today’s Critical Concerns)
  • He Is Not Silent: Preaching in a Postmodern World  (September 1, 2008)
  • Desire and Deceit: The Real Cost of the New Sexual Tolerance  (September 16, 2008)
  • The Conviction to Lead: The 25 Principles for Leadership That Matters, expresses the view that leadership stems from conviction and moral character (2012).
  • We Cannot Be Silent: Speaking Truth to a Culture Redefining Sex, Marriage, and the Very Meaning of Right and Wrong (October 27, 2015)
  • Acts 1-12 For You, first in a two-part popular-level commentary on the book of Acts  (The Good Book Company, 2018)

Books edited by R. Albert Mohler Jr.

  • Gods of This Age or God of the Ages? Essays by Carl F. H. Henry
  • Theological Education in the Evangelical Tradition (Editor, with D. G. Hart)

Books to which R. Albert Mohler Jr. has contributed

  • Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea for Preaching
  • The Coming Evangelical Crisis: Current Challenges to the Authority of Scripture and the Gospel by R. Kent Hughes (Editor), John MacArthur Jr. (Editor), R. C. Sproul (Editor), Michael S. Horton (Editor), Albert Mohler Jr. (Editor), John H. Armstrong (Editor) (Moody, 1996)
  • The Compromised Church John H. Armstrong (Editor) (Crossway Books, 1998)
  • Why I Am a Baptist Tom J. Nettles and Russell D. Moore Eds. Chapter 6 (p. 58), entitled “Being Baptist Means Conviction” (Broadman & Holman, 2001)
  • A Theology For The church Daniel L. Akin (Editor). Conclusion (p. 927) entitled “The Pastor as Theologian” (Broadman & Holman, 2007)
  • Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy by J. Merrick and Stephen M. Garrett, eds. (Zondervan, 2013)

Albert Mohler Net Worth

He has a net worth of roughly $3.5 million

Albert Mohler Salary

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