Alana Hadid Biography, Age, Mother, Lou &Grey, Instagram and Net Worth

Alana Hadid Biography

Alana Hadid is an American personal shopper,designer and stylist, and has also launched her own clothing collection. She has also designed a phone case in collaboration with New York’s Fifth and Ninth. Alana is described as the founder and creative director of brands Current Moji, Hadid Eyewear, and La Detresse.

She was previously the face of clothing brand Lou and Grey. Hadid is insanely talented and hardworking, but she is also equally as kind and hilarious. Her personality really comes to life on her Instagram account.. She is constantly posting silly selfies and captions, amongst her assortment of high fashion snapshots. She has created ana iPhone case collection for Fifth & Ninth collection.

Alana Hadid Age

The personal stylist was born on 27 July 1985 in Washington, DC. She is 33 years old as of 2018.

Alana Hadid Parents | Alana Hadid Mother

Alana was born to Mohamed Hadid a real estate developer and Mary Butler. She has an Elder sister, Marielle Hadid. Her parents got divorced and their father married Yolanda Hadid, a former fashion model. She has three half siblings from their father’s second marriage; Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Anwar Hadid.

Alana Hadid

Mohamed Hadid Alana Hadid

Mohamed Hadid is the father to Alana, Marielle and her half siblings Gigi,Bella and Anwar Hadid. Mohamed is real estate developer and a very successful businessman.

Mary Butler Alana Hadid

Mary Butler is the biological mother to Alana.

Alana Hadid And Marielle Hadid

Marielle Hadid is the elder sister to Alana. They were born of the same father Mohamed and mother Mary Butler. Marielle is also behind the Hadid eyewear brand.

Gigi Hadid Alana Hadid

Gigi Hadid is the half sister to Alana and Marielle. She is the first child of Mohamed and his second wife Yolanda Hadid. She is a fashion model signed to IMG Models.

Bella Hadid Alana Hadid

Bella Hadid is the half sister to Alana and Marielle. She is the second child of Mohamed and second wife Yolanda. She is also a fashion model like her elder sister Gigi. She was signed to IMG Models in 2014.

Anwar Hadid Alana Hadid

Anwar Hadid is the half brother to Alana and Marielle. He is the last born child of Mohamed and second wife Yolanda. He is also the only male child in the family. Anwar is a fashion model like his sisters and mother. He signed to IMG Models in 2016.

Alana Hadid Lou & Grey

Just like the younger Hadids, Alana is as well completely immersed in fashion. She has partnered up with Lou & Grey to launch a series of capsule collections of clothing and accessories. Her sister Bella is also her big fan. She has previously been snapped carrying one of Alana’s Lou & Grey designs which is a a satisfyingly oversized black leather tote. She has also other products,

  •  Lou & Grey Sweatshirt Dress
  •  Lou & Grey Culottes
  • Lou & Grey Sweatshirt

Alana Hadid Net Worth

There is no current information on her net worth.

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Alana Hadid Instagram

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Alana Hadid Has Coffee With A Friend

Alana Hadid Interview

Published; Sep 28, 2017


How would you best define your health and fitness philosophy? I’m all about consistency and moderation, I don’t think it’s necessary to work out every day but in general if you eat healthy and stay consistently active you should be feeling good. I do a 30 day cleanse twice a year to reset – especially around the holidays.

How do you stay active and what’s your favourite workout? Pilates all the way!

What are some of your favourite health and fitness spots in LA? I’m addicted to Hot pilates, Shannon Nadj (who owns the studio in LA) is my guru, she really keeps me feeling right and tight. I’ve also taken up indoor rock climbing and it’s a great workout plus it’s super fun.

What night would we find you out and about in LA and where would you be? It really depends. I go to disco nights on Wednesdays at Doheny Room, it’s really fun and I love to dance. You can find me most nights at Marvin on Beverly – a fun restaurant with great food, a good bottle of wine and amazing staff.

How would you describe your own personal style? I think I’m a little of everything, lately I’ve been a bit more punk but I love the androgynous look a lot, I think it’s sexy.

If we looked inside your closet right now, what items would we find? Well I turned my second bedroom into a closet, so a lot! But I always have a great pair of boots, high-waisted jeans, denim jackets, leather and vintage t-shirts.

Favourite fashion accessory? Sunglasses!

How many pairs do you actually own? Too many to count, I have vintage, new, cheap, expensive, rare and of course Hadid Eyewear.

Go-to breakfast? Eggs and bacon all the time.

All-time favourite holiday destination? Mykonos, Bali or Burning Man [Black Rock Desert of Nevada].

If you were in a group chat with Gigi and Bella, what would the topic of convo be? Usually we just all talk about what we are doing next and when we will all be in the same place.

Do you guys all share clothes? Which one is most likely to never give an item back? We don’t really spend enough time in the same place to do that anymore, but I think all of my sisters (including my other sister, Marielle) have a piece of my clothing they never gave back and I definitely have some of theirs so it’s pretty even!

Life motto that you live by? Create like a God, work like a slave.

If you could meet anyone in the world (past or present) who would it be and why? That’s a hard question, there’s a lot of people past who I admire, but at the same time I would probably be afraid to meet them as it might ruin my view of them and how they inspire me.