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Adrienne Janic Biography

Adrienne Janic also known as AJ is an American actress and television host of Serbian and Mexican descent. She is best known for appearing in National Lampoon’s film ‘Cattle Call’ (2006), Las Vegas (2003) and Choker (2005).

Adrienne’s mother is from Mexico while her father is from Yugoslavia. She graduated from Pioneer High School in Whittier, California in 1992.

Adrienne worked primarily as a television host; as a co-host of the TLC’s Overhaulin’, an automotive, reality-television series as well as a host of Hot Import Nights (2008), an automotive show on the Speed Channel.

She was one of the Fantanas as a promotional model for Fanta soft drinks. She continued as a model for the promotion of the soft drink for almost two years from the year 2004 to the year 2006.

In 2003, Adrienne Janic appeared as Ashley in the movie N.B.T. In 2009, she worked alongside Tinker Keck as a co-host of an infomercial. She has co-hosted other shows too, among them is: Velocity TV show Competition Ready with Mike Phillips. The announcement of their work together on the show was made on 12 September 2015.

Adrienne Janic Age

Adrienne Janic was born on 25 July 1974 in Whittier, California, United States. She is 44 years old as of 2018.

Adrienne Janic Husband | Adrienne Janic Children

Adrienne is married to video producer and television producer, Bud W. Brutsman. The couple tied the knot on June 9, 1998 and have one son who was born in 2010.

Adrienne Janic Photo

Adrienne Janic Firebird – Car

She never knew anything about cars, and she was perfectly honest with the production and build team about it. She never wanted to fake the car girl thing because she knew no one would buy it. Like a 12-step program, the first step is to admit you have a problem. “I knew absolutely nothing about cars, but the show turned out to be the best school I ever had. The build team spent a lot of time showing me the ropes and getting me more and more involved,” she said.

She was given a special assignment, to see if she had been paying attention. In season five of Overhaulin’, Janic was to be responsible for the design of a young lady’s ’63 Comet. She had a lot of time to absorb the information presented to her on the show, and came up with an amazing design. Getting to see the final product and to receive praise for her vision gave her the confidence to build her own car.

After she had watched the America one lap race she had no doubt in her mind about what car she wanted. The Overhaulin’ episode titled “Uncle Sam’s Nephew” featured the build of a 1968 Firebird. “This was the most stunning car ever.” She felt it was the perfect blend of masculine and feminine cues. It has the potential for brutal power and handling, yet had smooth styling, and all in a compact, lightweight package. The Moser 12-bolt tucks up under this Firebird with help from a Detroit Speed and Engineering Quadra Link rear suspension.

She was to find the perfect place to have her dream realized. Hollywood hot rodder hubby and Overhaulin’ producer, Bud Brutsman, knew exactly where to go. He had his 1969 Mustang fastback built by Year One a couple years back, and the build turned out phenomenal. She then took a trip to Georgia, home of Year One, with a clear vision of what she wanted. The guys there suggested she do a Mustang or a Camaro, but she knew the Firebird was meant for her.

She then described how she wanted the car to be built. She wanted a strong foundation, modern upgrades, and it needed to be reliable. Building is dedicated to brainstorming and trying out things. Since A.J’s specifications were simple, the buildup was smooth and took a very short time. From beginning to end, it too six months for Year One to create the car.

She then traveled to Georgia as often as her busy schedule would allow. Despite her good looks, she isn’t afraid to get some dirt under her nails. She recalls an episode of Overhaulin’ where she was elected to crawl inside a ’57 Corvette to tear out the interior because she had the smallest body of the bunch. The car was filled with rat droppings and spider webs, but it didn’t faze her. She ended up suffering from a severe spider bite that earned her a trip to the hospital.

The color of the car was a very important thing. She looked at dozens of paint chips to find the right color, and ended up with a custom BASF Midnight Blue pearl. She wanted to keep it simple, hence chose an LS2 powerplant, but that was already out of production, and an LS3 was used instead. A step up in power from the LS2, this alloy jewel makes an effortless 430 hp with the economy of a late-model fuel-injected motor.

After one she considered taking the LS3 apart to make some changes, but then decided it was better left undisturbed. A.J. didn’t want something that would have problems down the line. To a lot of people, including A.J., 430 hp is quite a bit of power, and more than she’s used to. “I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into with this engine. I have to relearn how to drive,” A.J. explains.

The seats were adopted from a 2002 Camaro, with help from Henderson’s Upholstery, then revamped to A.J.’s specifications. Year One says these seats work very well in early F-bodies with the headrest removed. A.J. plans on cruising her Firebird with the tunes cranked up; the Alpine deck and a full set of Boston Acoustics speakers will deliver.

She then designed the interior as well. She wanted a graphite and black theme with only subtle changes to instrumentation. Year One presented her with several light gray fabric swatches, but she thought the contrast would be too dramatic. The final dark charcoal gray really downplays the fact that it’s all custom, and makes it fit into the theme of less is more. Comfort was a major factor in this car, and being based out of Southern California, a Classic Auto Air system was a must.

On the first year she had the opportunity to cruise the Road Atlanta road course in her Firebird for the first time and get a feel for the car’s capabilities. A.J. has always wanted to do a Power Tour, but without a car of her own in prior years, she says it would’ve been unfulfilling.

Adrienne Janic Movies

Movie Title
Cattle Call
All In
Diary of a Sex Addict
TV Series
Hot Import Nights
Las Vegas
Kitchen Confidential
Complete Savages
Oliver Beene
The Jamie Kennedy Experiment

Adrienne Janic Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of over $1 million. She has generated her wealth out of her career in which she started after completion of her high school education.

Adrienne Janic Measurements

Height: 5 ft 9 (173 cm)
Weight: 119 lb (54 kg)
Breast/Bust size: 31 in
Waist size: 24 in
Hips size: 33 in
Bra size: 36B (US)
Cup size: B (US)

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Adrienne Janic Interview

Adrienne discusses how she crossed over from modeling to acting and how she is flourishing professionally and personally.


JB: So you have a new show, Hot Import Nights, coming out that you’re hosting. What’s the premise?

Adrienne Janic: It’s on the Speed Channel and it’s a fun automotive show. It’s not just imports. It’s a traveling car show and it goes from city to city across the United States and people come out and enjoy cars from, of course, your imports, like your Hondas and Toyotas. We do Euros: your BMWs, Audis, Mercedes, Lamborghinis, to even modern muscle cars. We do a lot of American muscle cars. We’re across the board with this stuff. There’s a little something for everybody. It’s a lot edgier and sexier than my other show Overhaulin’ was. It’s got a different vibe to it.

JB: It sounds like it’s a little different than what you did early on.

Adrienne Janic: Oh yeah.

JB: I understand you were acting and dancing since age 6, was this professionally?

Adrienne Janic: You know, that was kind of a school thing. I always loved performing. I put on shows for my parents. My brother and I would get up with the video camera, rehearse and then record ourselves and then have a movie night. I just loved performing in front of people and that’s how I got my start. I performed in high school and through college and I thought, “Wait a minute, I could probably get paid for this.” So it started at an early age.

JB: Coming from a Yugoslavian and Mexican background, that’s pretty unique.

Adrienne Janic: It’s quite the mix because no one can figure out what I am. “Oh, are you South American?” I’ve gotten Russian. People can never guess what I am. So it’s kind of fun.

JB: How has that shaped your life?

Adrienne Janic: You know, they’re two completely different cultures. Of course, the food… My mom would make her Mexican dishes and my dad would make his famous Serbian food as well. But you know what? I’ve never really thought about it. Growing up for me was just normal. I think it definitely affected my life and my brother’s life, in that we’re very open. Open to all cultures, all religions, and all different kinds of people. Our parents are from two completely different countries. So definitely, we were raised as accepting to all people.

JB: How many siblings do you have? Is it just your brother?

Adrienne Janic: Yes, he’s my little big brother. He’s 6’8″, he’s the athlete in the family. He’s a professional basketball player. I am not athletic or coordinated at all when it comes to sports.

JB: So you just stick to the stage and being on camera?

Adrienne Janic: Yeah, he’s the one who’s camera shy. He just loves his basketball. He tried to teach me how to play, but I just don’t have that hand-eye coordination when it comes to a ball and just throwing it in the basket. I’m just better off on the sidelines cheering him on.

JB: On your show, Overhaulin’, you pulled pranks on unsuspecting victims. Would you describe yourself as someone who enjoys pulling pranks or practical jokes on people?

Adrienne Janic: You know, I’m a jokester, but not to the point where I have to do something every day. I mean, for the show it was fun and it was more about improving and kind of seeing what I learned in acting school and also in theater. You have one shot to get it right and sometimes it doesn’t go the way you think it’s going to go. So you got to think of something really quick. But it was fun. I had a great time pranking people and pissing them off. But at the end of the day, I was just doing my job and it was fun.

JB: What do you prefer: improvisation or scripted acting?

Adrienne Janic: Improv is fun, but sometimes it’s going to work and other times it’s not. I do like scripted. I love being a character or somebody else. I’m kind of in the middle because improv can be fun because you can create your own scenario and your own character. But scripted, I like. I just like to perform. I like to make people laugh, cry and stir up emotions. I love entertaining.

JB: Do you think you’ve gained a better knowledge or appreciation of cars after being in the motor world?

Adrienne Janic: Definitely. When I first joined Overhaulin’, I knew nothing – and you can put nothing in big bold capital letters – about cars. I was very honest with the network production team about that. I was modeling and acting at the time, and they hired me to pull pranks on the show and that was pretty much it. I was offered the role of co-host and I thought it was cool, but then I thought, “Oh no, I know nothing about cars.” There’s no way I can do this job. But they were like, “Don’t worry, you’ll be the voice of the people who don’t know cars and you can ask the questions that they would normally be asking at home.” So I figured, why not. I ended up catching the buzz. As far as cars go, on Overhaulin’ I totally got what the excitement was about. I used to date this guy who was obsessed with cars and it drove me nuts and it got to the point where we ended up breaking up over it. And I’m thinking, “Oh no, he’s probably watching me now on Overhaulin’ thinking, “What a bitch.” He’s probably saying, “She used to give me all kinds of crap for working on my car and now she’s working on a car show.” But I get it now and I actually love it.

JB: Do you have a particular dream car?

Adrienne Janic: Yes, it’s the 1968 Firebird. I helped design and build one on a show called Hot Rod TV for the Speed Channel. I decided, “Hey you know what? I’ve been on Overhaulin’ for a couple years. I think I should have my own muscle car.” So I felt that the Firebird was the best because it was both masculine and feminine at the same time.