Adrian Rogers Bio, Nationality, Family, Education, Career, Death

Adrian Rogers Biography

Adrian Rogers is a pastor and conservative author who has served as president of The Southern Baptist Convention for three terms. He has published over 15 books which are available internationally on the radio and television program, Love Worth Finding.

Adrian Rogers Age

He was born on September 12, 1931, in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States.

Adrian Rogers Nationality

He is an American national and was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States.

Adrian Rogers Family

His wife is Joyce Rogers. He was a family man and has five children, Joyce, Phillip, Janice, Steve, David, Gayle.

Adrian Rogers

Adrian Rogers Education

He entered the Christian ministry at 18 years and joined Stetson University in DeLand, Florida, as well as New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where he graduated and was ordained by Northwood Baptist Church in West Palm Beach.

Adrian Rogers Southern Baptist Convention presidency

He served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention for three terms, the largest American Evangelical denomination with millions of members. Under his leadership, the denomination changed to a theologically conservative perspective. Consequently, moderate and liberal seminary professors were dismissed. All employees of SBC seminaries and the national office were required to stand by their adherence to the Baptist Faith. The denomination has since remained conservative since Rogers’ era as president.

Adrian Rogers Familial Dynamics

It was a common topic of discussion as he focused on fathers. He mostly emphasized on the paternal role in a family, stating that the father should be the source of vital teachings in the family. Rogers was very critical about fathers who fail to fulfill this role, stating that they have neglected their God-given responsibility.

He claims that social problems are as a result of this negligence.

Adrian Rogers Career

He is a pastor and author. his main area of focus was conservative writing. During his term as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, he wrote and published eighteen books which can be available worldwide. A number of his books talk about Christian life and responsibility.

Adrian Rogers Books

  • Ten Secrets for a Successful Family.
  • Unveiling the End Times in Our Time.
  • The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority.
  • What Every Christian Ought to Know.
  • Standing for Light and Truth.
  • Adrianisms (posthumous collection of quotes)
  • Grace for the Widow.

Adrian Rogers Death

Rogers contracted pneumonia of both lungs as a complication of colon cancer treatments in November 2005 and died following a period of mechanical ventilation at forty years.