Adeline Rudolph Biography, Age, Height And Riverdale.

Adeline Rudolph is an German Korean actress. She portrays Agatha on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Adeline Rudolph Biography

Adeline Rudolph is an German Korean actress. She portrays Agatha on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Adeline Rudolph Age

She was born in Hong Kong on 10th February, 1995. She is 24 years as of 2019.

Adeline Rudolph Height

She has a height of around 1.74 m (5 feet 8.5 inches)

Adeline Rudolph Boyfriend

She is dating Tommy Martinez, a fellow actor.

Adeline Rudolph And Tommy Martinez

Tommy Martinez And Adeline Rudolph

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‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’: Here’s why the three Weird Sisters are the most chilling ‘factor’ in the Netflix series

In an exclusive interview, the three Weird Sisters share an empowering message on womanhood while talking about BTS moments that makes them Weird Sisters off the set as well

Ardent fans of the teenage half-mortal witch Sabrina may be quick to point out how different the upcoming series will be compared to the ’90s sitcom, but the introduction of the Weird Sisters is definitely what adds the ‘chilling’ to the new ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’.

Weird Sisters consists of three mean girls, which initially might remind you of Regina George and her minions, but as the series progresses it’s much more about sisterhood. The three sisters are all orphans, the eldest being Prudence, who is the leader of the pack. The middle sister Agatha is a personification of sheer evil while Dorcas, the youngest, is the dreamiest of all.

Meaww catches up with all three Weird Sisters, played by Tati Gabrielle, Adeline Rudolph and Abigail Cowen respectively to understand the trio a bit more in depth.

We first meet the Weird Sisters in the pilot episode and as Sabrina summons them with a familiar dialogue of Macbeth’s three witches “in thunder, lightning or the rain”, we can’t help but wonder if the Weird Sisters are actually the notorious trio who led Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to a heartwrenching downfall while also depriving an unnamed sailor of sleep. Turns out the showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was, to an extent, inspired by Shakespeare’s witches.

“I definitely think there’s a similarity between the Weird Sisters and Macbeth’s witches because Roberto mentioned it a lot and he specifically said that he is a huge fan of that. However, it is not completely based out of it but there are similarities,” says Abigail, who plays Dorcas.

Out of the three sisters, Dorcas is definitely the nicest one and even though she is in the plan of tormenting Sabrina for being a half-mortal along with her sisters, she is lost in her own world. “There is definitely an evil side to her but there is also this bright side so she is confused. Hopefully, in seasons to come, she will come more into herself and stand up to her sisters,” adds Abigail.

Abigail also recently learned that her name ‘Dorcas’ is actually derived from The Bible, which is an irony given that the Church of the Night worships Satan. “I was actually surprised but maybe that also helps create this contrast among the sisters because she is not as committed to the Church of the Night as her sisters are,” explains Abigail. She also shared how the name ‘Dorcas’ is joked around in the set because it sounds like “dork”, and goes with Dorcas’ dreamy character.

Prudence, played by Tati, is one of the most devout witches you are going to see so perhaps that is one of the reasons why she comes off as a sheer villain who despises Sabrina. “Her antagonistic qualities against Sabrina comes from the fact that Sabrina is a half mortal.

It touches a deep part in Prudence because of the way mortals treated the witches throughout the centuries right from the Salem Witch trial to our very own Greendale Witch trial,” says Tati. She also adds that because Prudence is an orphan who did not feel like she had a purpose or a place, her heart turned bitter.

However, despite her grudge against the protagonist, Prudence isn’t the one to hurt Sabrina the most. It is Agatha, played by Adeline. “Weird sisters begin as an entity but we evolve into our own separate characters and my character, is potentially purely evil,” says Adeline. “She does a bad thing and gets punished for it,” Adeline adds.

The Weird Sisters give an eerie spectacular vibe as they walk, talk and do things in unison. In particular, scenes where they walk down the hallways of Academy of the Unseen Arts, you see them hold pinkies instead of hands. While talking together was a part of the script, the rest were incorporated by the three astounding actresses as they rolled on with their dialogues. In fact, even before they began filming, Tati, Adeline, and Abigail met up and practiced being the three Weird Sisters.

“We were already friends after the whole audition process and chemistry read so we met up to figure how to walk, talk and shake heads together,” says Abigail. “And now it’s almost creepy that we don’t need to rehearse or practice. Last time Tati and I ended up saying the same thing at the same time,” laughs Abigail and Tati admits that they have become the Weird Sisters off the set as well. “Abi, Adi and I spend so much time times together that being in sync has kind of grown into us,” affirms Tati.

The ethereal and dark feel of the Archie Comics, are also rendered by the entire look and appeal of the three witches, who like doing notorious things together, including seducing boys. Dressed in a lace collared convent-like dress with black stockings, the Weird Sisters have a distinct make-up and hairdo.

Agatha gives off an Adam’s family’s Wednesday vibe, while Dorcas plays off a creepy doll look with large eyes and a braided cross bun. As for Prudence, who has a short silver finger-waves, the look was brought in by Tati herself who walked into the audition with that hairstyle. “I walked into the audition with the finger waves and they liked it so they decided to keep it,” says Tati.

Prudence, the leader of the three, also has the darkest makeup among them. “It’s an embodiment and representation of Prudence on how devout she is to her path,” explains Tati.

With all 10 episodes out on October 26, a certain kind of revelation by the three Weird Sisters is guaranteed. They may come out as a mean gang who strictly believe in “harrowing”, a term used to describe the induction process of the witches, but they are in fact so much more. With the #MeToo movement taking on the world by storm, there are very important lessons we can learn from the Weird Sisters.

“I think it’s a message in solidarity,” says Tati. “And as far as womanhood goes, they were all orphans without any family who went into the academy together. They chose to bind themselves together and become their own family. It does not take an army, and when you find others you join forces and gain strength from it,” concludes Tati, who believes that playing Prudence empowered her to be unapologetic.

‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ may be a dark coming-of-age story but it is one of those shows that dares to ask serious questions when it comes to power play, patriarchy, feminism, sexuality, and empowerment. Tati hopes that this show will give strength to those who are seeking for it, especially for women “this show will strike a new confidence.” Brace yourselves, the witches, aka the strong women, are coming!

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