Adam Horowitz Biography

Adam Horowitz is an American producer and also a screenwriter. He is well known as a writing partner with Edward Kitsis of two-hit  ABC drama series Lost and Once Upon. In fact, they both created the two fairy tale drama series.

However, after the season finale of the drama series ” Once Upon a Time” they were both declared as showrunners for Apple TVs and Amazing Stories reboot.

Adam Horowitz Education

He studied at the University of Wisconsin Madison and graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts( B.A) in 1994. Before that, Horowitz graduated from Hunter College High School in the year 1990.  It was in the year 1994 when Horowitz met his future writing partner Edward Kitsis while he was still majoring in communication arts and political science

Adama Horowitz Early Life

He was born in New York City and raised with Jewish descent. Horowitz was a writer and reporter for the Daily Cardinal student newspaper, writing as many as five articles in the same issue. Besides that, Adam worked on articles about spearfishing and the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

And as well as often caught editors off-guard with humorous leads or picking odd quotes.

Adam Horowitz Achievements

  1. He was nominated for the 2000 Shine Award for Best Dramatic Episode for Popular episode “Tonight’s the Night”. In the same year, he was awarded the  SHINE Award for Best Comedy Episode for Popular episode “Booty Camp”
  2. Horowitz was awarded  Writers Guild of America Award for Best Dramatic Series for ”Lost” in 2005
  3. Nominated for 2008 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series for ”Lost”
  4. In 2009, Adam was nominated for  Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series for ”Lost”
  5. In addition to that, he was nominated for 2010 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series for ”Lost”

Adam Horowitz Career

He began his career as a screenwriter of the drama series ”Lost” with help from his collaborator Edward Kitsis. Adam moved to Los Angeles together with his friend Kitsis and immediately began working on films like Fantasy IslandFelicity, and Popular. He and his writing partner alongside the ”Lost” writing staff won the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Award for Best Dramatic Series at the February 2006 ceremony for their work on the first and second seasons.

Adam Horowitz image

The writing staff of the series ”Lost” were also nominated for the WGA Award for Best Dramatic Series again at the February 2007 ceremony for their work on the second and third seasons, at the February 2009 ceremony for the fourth season of ” Lost”. Moreover, both of them wrote  ”Confessions of an American Bride”, a made-for-television movie.

Once Upon a Time

They were the protagonists’ creators of the ABC fantasy drama series Once Upon a TimeThe series is based on a town that is actually a parallel world populated by fairytale characters who are unaware of their true origin. Indeed, Horowitz and Kitsis had the idea of creating the series a couple of years before joining the staff of Lost.

Adam Horowitz film Associates

Horowitz regularly worked closely with one of the best films screenwriter and producers like Damon Lindelof,  J.J. Abrams, Josh Appelbaum, Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Burk, Andre Nemec, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, Josh Appelbaum, and his close friend Edward Kitsis. Horowitz and his counterpart served  as writers on early unused drafts of the Universal project Ouija and co-wrote the film Tron: Legacy in 2010

Adam Horowitz Wife

He is married to Erin Barrett Horowitz. Horowitz married Erin  before joining the ”Lost” team

Horowitz films attributes

  1. Felicity, 2001
  2. Popular, 2000–2001
  3. Birds of Prey, 2002–2003
  4. Black Sash, 2003

Horowitz best film attributes on

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, 2013–2014 (with Edward Kitsis)

  • Episode 1.01 “Down the Rabbit Hole” (also with Zack Estrin and Jane Espenson)
  • Episode 1.08 “Home” (also with Zack Estrin

Tron: Uprising, 2012

  •  “Beck’s Beginning” with Edward Kitsis
  • “The Renegade, Part 1” with Kitsis (Story – Written by Kamran Pasha, Adam Nussdorf and Bill Wolkoff)
  •  “The Renegade, Part 2” with Kitsis (Story – Written by Kamran Pasha, Adam Nussdorf and Bill Wolkoff)
  • Episode 1.04 “Blackout” with Kitsis

Once Upon a Time, 2011–2018 (with Edward Kitsis)

“The Thing You Love Most
“The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
“7:15 A.M.” (story with Kitsis, teleplay by Daniel T. Thomsen)

“The Stable Boy”
“A Land Without Magic”
“The Doctor”
“Queen of Hearts”

“And Straight On ’til Morning”
“The Heart of the Truest Believer”

“Going Home”
“New York City Serenade”
“A Curious Thing”

“There’s No Place Like Home”
“A Tale of Two Sisters”
“The Snow Queen”
“Heroes and Villains”

“Darkness on the Edge of Town”
“Unforgiven” (as director)
“Operation Mongoose”
“The Dark Swan”

“Swan Song”
“Souls of the Departed” (100th episode)
“An Untold Story”
“The Savior”

“Street Rats”
“Wish You Were Here”
“Tougher Than the Rest”
“Mother’s Little Helper” story with Kitsis, teleplay by Paul Karp

“The Final Battle”
“Hyperion Heights”
“Secret Garden”
“Flower Child”
“Leaving Storybrooke” (Series finale)

Lost, 2005–2010

“Born to Run” teleplay with Edward Kitsis, story by Javier Grillo-Marxuach
“Everybody Hates Hugo” with Kitsis
“Fire and Water” with Kitsis
“Dave” with Kitsis

“Three Minutes” with Kitsis
“Every Man for Himself” with Kitsis
“Tricia Tanaka Is Dead” with Kitsis
“Exposé” with Kitsis

“D.O.C.” with Kitsis
“Greatest Hits” with Kitsis
“The Economist” with Kitsis
“Ji Yeon” with Kitsis

“Something Nice Back Home” with Kitsis
“The Lie” with Kitsis
“This Place Is Death” with Kitsis
“He’s Our You” with Kitsis

“The Variable” with Kitsis
“What Kate Does” with Kitsis
“Dr. Linus” with Kitsis
“Everybody Loves Hugo” with Kitsis
“What They Died For” with Kitsis and Elizabeth Sarnoff