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Adam Gazzola Biography

Adam Gazzola is a businessman and a reality star, recognized as Jamie Davis. He became interested in vehicles and its capacities in his childhood and he later pursued his career in it owning a towing organization under the name “Jamie Davis Motor Truck and Auto Towing” organization.

He is professional rough road driver and owner of Jamie Davis Motor Truck & Auto Towing as well as the co-founder of Canadian show Highway Through Hell and also known as the producer of the Canadian reality TV show Highway Through Hell. Moreover, the show follows day to day progress of Jamie Davis Moto Trucking and Auto Towing. The company is a heavy vehicle rescue and towing recovery agency as well.

How old is  Gazzola?| Age

He was born on April 18, 1980, in Canada. He is 39 years old as of 2019

Adam Gazzola Wife | Children

He is married to Sherry Davis (Lucy) and they have three beautiful children namely; Brandon Gazzola, Brianna Gazzola, and James Jr. Davis. Adam Gazzola with his wife and children loves to ski on the local slopes and stay together. She grew up in nearby Mission, BC, where she used to spend her time skiing on the local slopes. The family is tight-knit moreover stays together in Hope where the company does most of its work.

Adam Gazzola Photo

Adam Gazzola Education

There is no much information about his education but he completed his education in America where he was raised. During his school days, he used to play for the school’s soccer team and he was not good at study bt to drive the vehicles

Adam Gazzola Career

He started his career by expanding the business of towing and go dirt road to help immediately at any time. People over the area discovered the organization’s management is amazingly dependable and energetic.

Gazzola approached by the Discovery Network to film their regular business life program, Highway Thru Hell.  However, Gazzola’s team on Highway 5 helped the executive Mark Miller approach in the Discovery. Also, he is engaged in the famous Canadian reality TV show Highway Through Hell since 2013.

Adam Gazzola Networth

His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Adam Gazzola Social Media

He does involve himself using social media such as Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

Adam Gazzola  Youtube


Adam Gazzola Interview

20 Details Behind The Making Of Highway Thru Hell

Powerful engines, harsh weather, and steep drop-offs are only a few of the elements that have defined Highway Thru Hell. The Canadian docuseries, which premiered in 2012, follows the daily operations of tow truckers working in British Columbia. A big part of the show takes place along the Coquihalla Highway, a 201-mile stretch of road that connects Vancouver to the Canadian Rockies.

As the Coquihalla rises into the mountains, temperatures dwindle and driving conditions worsen. During the winter months, it is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in North America. When snowstorms hit or ice forms on the road, vehicles risk sliding out of the lane and getting stuck in a ditch – or worse. Accidents can shut down traffic for hours and leave motorists stranded along the road in arctic temperatures. In critical situations like this, the rescue operators from Highway Thru Hell are called to the scene to clear out the road and open for traffic.

Throughout its seven seasons, Highway Thru Hell has managed to break both viewership records and stereotypes. The show has informed the public about how the tow-trucking industry works and the importance of what they do. A key factor in bringing the towers’ work to the screen is, of course, everything that takes place behind the scenes. Filming live rescue operations in hostile weather conditions requires both expertise and innovative thinking. To shed some light on how this is done, this list breaks down the tricks and techniques behind the making of Highway Thru Hell.

Here are 20 Details Behind The Making Of Highway Thru Hell.

Thanks to the icy Canadian winters, the cast of Highway Thru Hell usually have plenty of work on their hands. Nevertheless, the towing business can be unpredictable, and workers never know when they will be called out for a job. Tow truck operators are on call for all hours of the day, which means that the film crews that follow them have to be as well.

To make sure that they never miss out on anything, executive producer Mark Miller has divided his employees into two teams that cover 12-hour shifts. This way, the cameras are always rolling when something exciting is happening, and audiences get full insight into the life of a tow truck driver.

Getting stuck on the highway in the middle of winter is no joke, and nobody knows this better than Jamie Davis’ team. The Highway Thru Hell star has explained that his trucks are always loaded with snacks and survival provisions before heading out on the road. When traffic shuts down or cars get snowed in, motorists may find themselves stuck on the road for anything from a few hours to a couple of days.

Davis also points out that his trucks always fill up on gasoline as often as possible. A car’s fuel tank is quickly drained when the heating system is running, so it is important to make sure that you do not run out of gas. If you are planning to drive through a mountain passage, Davis advises that you fill your tank as often as possible and pack a few blankets just in case.

Documentary series are usually interspersed by serene scenes where the cast winds down and opens up. As an audience member, you often wonder how filmmakers manage to capture intimate moments and get up-close and personal with someone they are filming.

On Highway Thru Hell, Leia Hutchings captures these sorts of shots by operating sound and camera on her own. Hutchings works as a so-called “one-man band;” a self-sufficient crew member that can hop along wherever she is needed. A one-man band is less of an intrusion into the cast’s lives, and can easily be sent along if production is in a hurry. If the cast of Highway Thru Hell has to rush off to a wreck, Hutchings does not need the help of any other crew members to capture what she needs for the show.

For entertainment purposes, the team behind Highway Thru Hell are always looking to capture the most impressive towing missions. Most of the work that comes Jamie Davis’ way, however, involves smaller vehicles and does not necessarily make for riveting television.

To get a broad selection of material to work with, Highway Thru Hell shoots for the entire winter season. Usually, they are on location in British Colombia for four to six months each year. The summer, on the other hand, is a much more peaceful time for the show’s tow truck drivers. During the warmer months, the cast of Highway Thru Hell can focus on repairing their equipment and preparing for the next snowfall.

Starring in a docuseries can be a golden ticket for many small business owners, but the pendulum also swings the other way. When new competitors started popping up around town, Jamie Davis realized that there is a downside to reality fame. Due to more competition and a diminishing workload, Davis decided to branch out into Alberta during season three.

Davis has also admitted that the show’s publicity has had a direct impact on his assignments. In an interview with Truck News, Davis revealed that several companies have refrained from calling him because they do not want their wrecks ending up on television.

Highway Thru Hell makes an honest attempt at depicting the tow trucking industry, but they have still dabbled in some fanciful reality editing. In an interview with Automotive Retailer, the Quiring family lamented how they had been portrayed on the show.

According to the family, Discovery Channel fabricated drama between Al Quiring and Jamie Davis for the first season of the show. This portrayal landed the Quirings in hot water with some of their clients and made them a target for outraged fans. The Quirings have since then been shown in a more nuanced light on the series, but it remains clear that they did not agree with how they were initially presented.

Show creator Neil Thomas first came into contact with Jamie Davis’ rescue operators when his moving truck broke down in the summer of 2010. The experience clearly left an impression, because co-creator Mark Miller and cameraman Kevin Mills went back the very next year to speak with Davis and propose their idea for a show.

Davis was initially a little reluctant to star on a reality series, but he saw the potential benefit the show could have on the reputation of the towing industry. Before appearing on the show, Davis was a spokesperson for the industry and never hesitated to voice his opinion to the media. His previous media exposure probably helped him understand the upsides to have a large audience and prepared him for a global stage.

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