Actress Melissa McKnight Biography, Age, Husband, Daughter and Net Worth

Melissa Mcknight Biography

Missy McKnight is an American former actress, known for Triangles and Tribulations. she entered into the entertainment world as a young model. while modeling she appeared in various magazines as a cover girl. She is also known for her outstanding performance at the 2001 TV show VH1: All Access which was appreciated by critics.

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Melissa Mcknight Age

Actress Missy McKnight was born on March 10, 1965, in the USA as Melissa Sue McKnight she is 55 years old as of 2019. she was born in England and then moved to the US.

Melissa Mcknight Husband

Melissa McKnight has married and divorced twice in her life. She first exchanged her marriage vows with her ex-husband Anthony Esposito in a private wedding ceremony. They gave birth to two daughters, Tyler and Jacqueline. However, the couple could not keep their relationship and finally, they divorced.

she later then married to Matt LeBlanc, an American actor, comedian, host, and producer. They met each other through their mutual friends, Kelly Phillips, and her husband Lou Diamond Phillips in 1997.

After dating for a few years they exchanged marriage vows in May of 2003. The couple gave birth to their daughter Marina. Later then they failed to sustain their marriage relationship. They filed for a divorce in 2006.

Melissa Mcknight and Matt Leblanc

They were once married but they couldn’t sustain their marriage relationship. They are both parents to Marina.

Matt Leblanc

He is an American actor, comedian, and television host. He received international recognition for his portrayal of dim-witted, yet well-intentioned womanizer Joey Tribbiani on Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004. For his work on Friends, LeBlanc received three Emmy Award nominations

MATT LeBlanc’s dad has taken a swipe at his son for his womanizing ways, saying that he “hates what he has become.”He’s not the Joey Tribbiani that everybody loves,” said Paul LeBlanc, “His father said that he is very hurt of what the person his son has turned to be.

Melissa Mcknight Daughter

We have seen that Actress Melissa McKnight was married twice, in her first marriage she had two daughters, Tyler Esposito, and Jacqueline Esposito.
Then in her second marriage, she had  0ne daughter, Marina. In total, she has three kids.

various facts about Model Actress Melissa Mcknight


Melissa and LeBlanc met for the first time in 1997 through Lou Diamond Philips and his wife, Kelly Philips. Their flame grew into something remarkable and in 1998, they got engaged. The couple tied the knot five years later, this was in 2003. However, the union was officially dissolved in divorce in October 2006.

Before her marriage to LeBlanc, Melissa McKnight was married to the filmmaker, Anthony Esposito. Melissa McKnight has remained rather silent since her divorce from Matt LeBlanc, keeping her personal life and that of her kids’ private far away from the media.

Incessant Infidelity

Melissa and LeBlanc separated because of his continuous issues with infidelity. LeBlanc constantly cheated on his wife according to reports. He even made a show of himself at a club with a stripper. His refusal to stop cheating on her repeatedly became unbearable for Melissa prompting her decision to end their 3-year marriage

Joint Custody

Melissa still maintains a cordial relationship with ex-husband LeBlanc. They have joint custody of their daughter Marina Pearl LeBlanc who was born in 2004. She spends a few weeks with her dad and then returns home to her mum.

LeBlanc in an interview stated she (Marina) is the best thing that has ever happened to him and he doesn’t mind her smashing his Ferrari as he will always love her. Despite his busy schedule, actor LeBlanc still finds out time to go horse riding, hiking and other fun activities with his daughter.

Her Daughter’s Health Challenge

Melissa’s last child and daughter with Matt LeBlanc, Marina suffered from a rare disease associated with the brain. She had regular seizures as an eight months old infant. Her health was managed and by the time she was two years old, she had overcome the neuronal disease. Leblanc recalls that those two years were the toughest seasons of his life.

Melissa Mcknight Model

Melissa entered into the entertainment world as a young model. As she gained huge popularity at that period, she tried her luck in acting. While modeling she also appeared in various magazines as a cover girl.

Finally, in 2001, McKnight made her first acting debut in the movies Triangles and Tribulations. After that, she appeared in various movies out of which she came to the spotlight for her performance in Television show VH1: All Access. In 2005, she also appeared in The31Annual People Choice Awards

Melissa Mcknight Net Worth

Making the right money is a lifelong process as it takes a lot of small, smart decisions to grow your wealth. No wonder Actress Melissa McKnight seems to be unstoppable at making smart decisions.

The star has built her career so much that it has paid off profitably. She earns a really fat salary and supposedly earns an excellent six-figure additional to that her salary and her net worth is said to be quite huge.

But she has kept Actress Melissa McKnight life secretive and this is the reason that the exact amount of her net worth has not been revealed yet. However, her ex-husband Matt Lebance’s net worth is estimated to be $60 Million. In 1995, Matt was banking a cool $22,500 per episode of Friends, which shot up to $75,000 in 1996. And in 2002-2003 episodes of Friends he earned a staggering $ 24 Million.

Melissa Mcknight Young

Actress Melissa McKnight shifted in the United States of America together with her family at an early age. However, the exact information concerning her parents and siblings are still under review. Since an early age, she entered the entertainment world and started working as a model.

Melissa Mcknight Movies

√ Triangles and Tribulations Walking Girl. (2001)

√ VH1: All Access Herself. (2006)

√ The 31st Annual People’s Choice Awards Herself. (2005)

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Melissa Mcknight Now


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