Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Bio, Age, Family, Supervising Selena’s career and Children

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Biography

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. is an American singer, musician, lyricist, record producer and film producer. Selena, the late singer-songwriter, was his daughter. A Texan native, Quintanilla grew up in a religious family.

He dropped out of school to pursue a music career. He joined a musical group of his alumni classmates in 1957. They went by the name of Los Dinos and enjoyed modest success before Quintanilla left the band to raise his family. Selena was six years old when her father discovered her musical talent and started to train her. He also trained his son Abraham III on the bass guitar and his other daughter, Suzette, on the drums. The Selena y Los Dinos music group was introduced in 1981. They released six studio albums.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Age

Abraham is 80 years old as of 2019. He was born on February 20, 1939.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Family

The parents to Abraham are (father)Abraham Quintanilla Sr. and Mary Calderon Quintanilla Mother.

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Children

Abraham Quintanilla is a mother of 3 Children.
Selena Daughter, A.B. Quintanilla III Son, Suzette Quintanilla

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Photo

Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Career

In 1957, Abraham Quintanilla saw at a high school dance the performance of a group made up of his alumni classmates and reached out to them expressing his desire to join. The lead vocalist left the group at the time and they decided to let Quintanilla practice with them. He later became a member of the group.

The group, known as Los Dinos, released six albums, including the debut self-titled album 1963,’ Con Esta Copa’ 1964,’ The Dinos’ 1965, and’ 2000′ 1962. The group, active in the 1960s, experienced its share of racism and discrimination. They were often not allowed to play in white establishments as they were of Mexican ancestry.

The group also encountered problems with Mexican audiences in the initial days as they did not know any Mexican music and played English songs almost exclusively. They later switched to making rock Chicano music. Quintanilla left the group in 1971 and settled in Lake Jackson, Texas, to raise his family.

Supervising Selena’s career

Quintanilla discovered Selena’s inherent musical talent when she was six years old and soon began developing her vocal abilities.

He created a new group in 1981, Selena y Los Dinos, with Selena as the vocalist, Abraham III as the bassist, and Suzette as the drummer. The group started singing at street corners, parties, weddings, and various other social gatherings. This served as the family’s main source of income, especially after the closure of Quintanilla’s Mexican restaurant, Papagayo.

Write down anything you want. Then press the Quill It button to the right to paraphrase it. Six albums have been released over five years by Selena y Los Dinos: ‘ Mis Primeras Grabaciones ‘ 1984, ‘ Alpha ‘ 1986, ‘ Munequito De Trapo ‘ 1986, ‘ And The Winner Is … ‘ 1987, ‘ Preciosa ‘ 1988 and ‘ Dulce Amor ‘ 1988.

Selena released her debut self – titled album in 1989 and released five more albums: ‘ Ven Conmigo ‘ 1990, ‘ Entre a Mi Mundo ‘ 1992, ‘ Selena Live! ‘ 1993, ‘ ‘ Amor Prohibido ‘ 1994, and ‘ Dreaming of You ‘ 1995, released posthumously.

Selena’s Murder Selena’s Murder

On March 31, 1995, Selena was killed by Yolanda Saldívar, who was not only Selena’s personal friend, but also managed her boutiques, Selena Etc., and served as her fan club’s president.

His youngest child’s untimely death deeply affected Quintanilla and he suffered multiple psychological problems including emotional trauma, distress, and depression. In the years following the tragedy, Quintanilla has devoted himself to maintaining the amazing legacy of his daughter. The family set up the Selena Foundation to help children in crisis. He has made a number of appearances on TV shows to talk about Selena. Edward James Olmos was cast as Quintanilla in the 1997 biopic, while Jennifer Lopez portrayed Selena.

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