Aarti Mann Biography

Aarti Mann, born Aarti Majumdar  is an Indian-American actress. She has starred in several television programs, including a part in the sci-fi drama Heroes. She is best known for playing the role of Priya Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory.

Aarti Mann Age

Aarti Mann was born on March 3, 1978 in Connecticut, USA. She is 41 years old as at 2019. Her nationality is American and ethnicity is Indian American. She resides in Los Angeles, California.

Aarti Mann Height|Measurement

The American actress stands at a height of 5 ft 3 in (1.59 m). She weighs 54 kg (119 Ibs). Aarti Mann measures 34-24-35.

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Aarti Mann Family

She was born to Vasanti Majumdar (mother). Her father was a physician. He passed away when she was in high school. She has an older sister Kruti Majmudar and her brother Nishad Majmudar.

Aarti Mann Husband|Children

Mann is married woman to Purvesh Mankad, who works in finance. They currently lives in Los Angeles with their only daughter Nikita Mankad.

Aarti Mann Education

She graduated from New York University with a degree in film writing and directing where she practiced acting, despite never having played in high school plays.

Aarti Mann Career

Mann began to act in the mid-2000s, initially playing minor roles. She uses professional names from both Aarti Majumdar and Aarti Mann. I am the daughter of two Indian, immigrant doctors, and I have an older sister and a younger brother, and none of us pursued medicine as a career. We are all over the artistic side of things.

Mann’s brother Nishad is a journalist and her sister Kruti helped to influence her decision to switch to acting. Kruti, who also lives in Los Angeles, is a filmmaker and cast Mann in her 2006 movie The Memsahib. While filming her scenes, Mann said she “got bit by bug” to act and enrolled in Los Angeles acting classes.

Mann appeared in a commercial for Volvo, followed by other roles, including a part in the “quarterlife” web / TV series, which was broadcast briefly on NBC in 2008. She was also a Heroes guest star in 2009. Mann appeared on the USA Network for two winter premiere of Suits in the season. Mann was originally cast in Stephanie’s role for the U.S. pilot “Paging Dr. Freed,” but did not appear in the final version because the network envisaged a different type for the character.

Aarti Mann Movies And TV Shows


  • 2018 Love Sonia as Jiah
  • 2018 sharon 1.2.3. as Heather
  • 2015 Danny Collins as Nurse Nikita
  • 2015 I’ll See You in My Dreams as Dr. DaSilva
  • 2012 The Monogamy Experiment as Rebecca Behari
  • 2011 Pox as Mirabai
  • 2011 Worker Drone as Neela
  • 2009 Ner Tamid as Laura Mann
  • 2009 Todays’s Special                as Henna
  • 2007 The Punching Dummy as Judy
  • 2006 The Memsahib as Mirabai
  • 2006 Monsoon as Radio announcer

Television roles

  • 2017 Grey’s Anatomy as Holly
  • 2015 NCIS: New Orleans as Nehir
  • 2013 Suits as Associate Maria Monroe
  • 2013 Wendell & Vinnie as Gina
  • 2013 Scandal as Agent Laura Kenney
  • 2012 Leverage as Waitress Amy Pavali
  • 2010–11 The Big Bang Theory as Priya Koothrappali
  • 2010 The Young and the Restless as Doctor
  • 2009 Heroes as Shaila
  • 2008 Quarterlife as Sarita

Aarti Mann Net Worth

In addition to her various acting roles, the talented actress has also featured in commercials for a number of major brands. Through her sparkling career, Aarti Mann has amassed a net worth of $400,000.

Priya Big Bang Theory

She played the role of Priya Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory an American television sitcom.

Priya Koothrappali

She played the role of Priya Koothrappali in The Big Bang Theory an American television sitcom.

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Aarti Mann Feet

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Aarti Mann Interview

Aarti Mann having blast on ‘Big Bang Theory’

Source: postandcourier.com

“I would love to come back and see where it goes with Leonard and Priya,” she said in a phone interview from the Los Angeles home she shares with her husband, who works in finance. “But no contracts have been signed. I think we’ll know by June or July.”

Mann was born Aarti Majmudar in Connecticut (“Mann” is a truncated version of her married name) and moved to Pittsburgh as a toddler. Her mother, Vasanti Majmudar, an obstetrician/gynecologist, lives in the suburb of Fox Chapel. (Mann’s father passed away while she was in high school).

Mann studied film at New York University. She never acted in plays in high school, but while in college studying film writing and directing, she helped fellow students on their productions.

“I convinced them to give me a featured extra part just so I could be in front of the camera,” she said.

After college she wasn’t sure what to do with the degree. She wrote a script for a Pittsburgh doctor who moonlights as a filmmaker.

“I’m the daughter of two Indian immigrant doctors and I have an older sister and younger brother and none of us have pursued medicine as a career,” she said. “We’re all over the artistic side of things.”

Mann’s brother, Nishad, is a journalist, and her sister, Kruti, helped influence her decision to switch to acting. Kruti, who also lives in Los Angeles, is a filmmaker and cast Mann in her 2006 film “The Memsahib.” While filming her scenes, Mann said she “got bit by the bug” to act and enrolled in acting classes in Los Angeles.

“Our parents were so supportive of us,” she said. “My mom always knew I was going to be an actor because I was a ham from the very beginning, so she would push me toward it, which is really unconventional for Indian families to do.”

Mann booked a national commercial for Volvo and other roles followed, including a part in the Web/TV series “quarterlife,” which aired briefly on NBC in 2008. She was also a guest star on “Heroes” in 2009.

Mann had not watched “Big Bang” before joining the show and her acting background isn’t even in comedy. So how did she end up on one of TV’s top-rated sitcoms?

“I’m asking myself the same question,” she said with a laugh. “Whenever we’re rehearsing, I’ll try to play it in a more comedic way and (executive producer) Chuck (Lorre) always comes in and says, ‘Play it simply. You’re beautiful when you’re simple.’ I’m constantly told to reel it back in. I think I’m giving them what they need for the show. Every sitcom needs their straight man or straight woman.”

Mann appeared on “Big Bang” after series regular Cuoco broke her leg early in the season, forcing a delay in production and rejiggering of storylines.

When Mann auditioned, Priya’s relationship to Raj was different from the sister she eventually became.

“The character changed completely. Originally she was engaged and she was going to get married and Leonard was her last fling. “It was revealed to me after we shot the show that (executive producer) Bill (Prady) wanted to leave the option open for Priya to come back later in the season.”

After filming her first episode, Mann and her husband went to India for seven weeks. When she arrived back in Los Angeles, on the drive home from the airport, Mann’s agent called to say “Big Bang” wanted her back on set in three days’ time.

After that she was booked on the show one or two episodes at a time.

“It’s fun to see how Priya has changed,” Mann said. “She’s made strong turns and it’s been fun to see how fan sentiment has turned with it.”

While she waits to hear whether she’ll be asked back to “Big Bang,” Mann hopes to land a dramatic role — “that involves crying and screaming and turmoil” — and she wants to get back to her acting roots.

“I’d really love to get back into commercials, actually,” she said. “I love how quick and breezy they are. … And honestly, they pay really well.”