A. R. Bernard Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Family

A. R. Bernard Biography, Age, Net Worth, Parents, Family

A. R. Bernard Biography

A. R. Bernard (Alphonso R. Bernard) is the pastor of the Christian Cultural Center Megachurch in Brooklyn, New York. In November 1979, A. R. Bernard, Sr. left a 10-year career with a major New York banking institution and together with his wife, Karen, went into full-time ministry. They started as a small storefront church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has grown into a 37,000+ member church that sits on an ​11 1⁄2-acre campus in Brooklyn, New York. He is founder and CEO of the Christian Cultural Center.

A. R. Bernard Age

He was born on 10 August 1953, in Panama. He is currently 65 years old.

A. R. Bernard Net Worth

He is an American spiritual leader and life coach and who has a net worth of $5 million. He is the CEO of Christian Cultural Center (CCC) located in Brooklyn, New York, a ministry and nonprofit which boasts over 33,000 members and resides on an 11.5-acre campus.

A. R. Bernard Early Life/ Parents

He was born of a black Panamanian mother and a father who was a Castilian Spaniard, in Panama. His father disowned him and in 1957, he and his mother moved to the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. He was abused to school in Ridgewood, Queens and then attended Grover Cleveland High School.

A. R. Bernard

He struggled and worked after school in the garment district pushing racks for $2.00 per hour to assist his mother in their single parent household. He landed a clerk position with Bankers Trust Company during his senior year of high school. He earned a number of promotions leading to a position as Operations Specialist in the Consumer Lending Division.

A. R. Bernard Career

He has served as the President of the Council of Churches of the City of New York representing 1.5 million Protestants, Anglicans, and Orthodox Christians. He founded the Christian Community Relations Council (CCRC, a NY based not-for-profit that will serve as a central resource and coordinating body for congregations and community organizations. He is currently on the Board of Directors for the Commission of Religious Leaders (CORL).

He was on the NYC Economic Development Corporation Board for current Mayor Bill de Blasio and former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg; NYC School Chancellor’s Advisory Cabinet and served on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2001 Transition Team and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 2014 Transition Team. Besides he is the founder of the Cultural Arts Academy Charter School established in February 2010. He has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Wagner College and an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary.

A. R. Bernard Establishment of church

Prior to becoming a born again Christian, he was a part of the Muslim American movement. In 1978 he and his wife, Karen started a bible study in the kitchen of their Brooklyn railroad apartment. He left his 10-year banking career in 1979 to go into ministry full-time. As the bible study group grew, so did the need for a facility. The Bernards took their savings and rented a small storefront in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn.

Later that year Household of Faith Ministries was incorporated. Later, the Household of Faith purchased and renovated an abandoned Brooklyn supermarket into a 1000-seat sanctuary, complete with administrative offices and a bookstore. Household of Faith was renamed Christian Life Center and formally moved into its property with a membership of 625.

A. R. Bernard Further growth

As Christian Life Center began experiencing exponential growth, four Sunday services, lines forming at 4:00 am, and overflow rooms filled to capacity, the ministry was quickly outgrowing its home on Linden Boulevard. The need for a larger facility was evident and in 1995 a vacant lot adjacent to Starrett City was purchased and construction followed immediately. On December 31, 2000, under the leadership of Bernard, Christian Cultural Center took its new name and moved into its new home.

The sanctuary and conference center also includes a chapel, bookstore, television production facilities and state of the art youth center. Christian Cultural Center, one of the largest independent churches in the United States, exemplifies a new paradigm in the worship experience. Bernard remains a highly sought after speaker, teacher and community leader. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and internationally addressing religious organizations, businessmen and political dignitaries.

A. R. Bernard Family

Bernard is married to his wife Karen since 1972. In an interview, he revealed that they were once headed for divorce because of some decisions that he had made and that he had made. In the early 1980s, Ms. Bernard miscarried twins with Bernard was on the road and she blamed him for being absent and stayed bitter for a decade before he finally apologized.

Bernard and Karen met in high school in East New York when he was 15 and she 16. The family is blessed with 7 sons and several grandchildren together. He, unfortunately, lost his firstborn child from an asthma attack, at an age of 39 years, but his wife Janel and four children survived.

A. R. Bernard International Christian Brotherhood

Bernard was asked to serve on the Board of Directors for the Christian Men’s Network (CMN) to help restructure the organization. During his six years on the board, CMN grew to an organization with 74 international offices and with a presence in approximately 150 nations. In addition to serving as Treasurer for the board, he was one of their most requested speakers. With the death of Dr. Edwin Louis Cole in 2002, he became the President of CMN. Under his leadership, CMN has been reborn as ICB, International Christian Brotherhood.

A. R. Bernard Controversy

During the campaigning for the 2016 presidential elections, He joined the board of Donald Trump’s “Evangelical Executive Advisory Board”. The purpose of the board was to “provide advisory support to Mr. Trump on those issues important to Evangelicals and other people of the faith in America,” the campaign said in a statement. He then stepped down in 2017 quoting a “deepening conflict in values between myself and the administration.” Bernard had submitted his letter of resignation on 15 August 2017, the same day Trump made controversial remarks about the events that took place in Charlottesville.

Since 1999, AR Bernard has been visiting the controversial City Harvest Church in Singapore and maintains a close friendship with the church’s founder Kong Hee. Kong was convicted of conspiracy to commit criminal breach of trust, for misusing his church’s building fund on his wife’s singing career, masked through a series of bond investments.

He has been the Chairman of City Harvest Church’s advisory panel and vouched for the integrity of Kong Hee in 2010 when he was first arrested and sought to exert pressure on the Singapore government by political means and the press media.

A. R. Bernard Education

Bernard is also the founder of Brooklyn Preparatory School in New York City and Cultural Arts Academy Charter School. Formed in 1993, BPS is a premiere early education institution dedicated to serving young children, ages 3–6. Their first-grade graduates ranked 91st in the national percentile in reading and 96th in the national percentile in mathematics.

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